Home Dimension: Ichumon
Species: Astro Tectowl

inspirations: evil guy in swan princess, Manannan in king's quest, evil duke owl in rock-a-doodle

An evil sorcerer who dabbles in dark magics, a demon summoner and old beyond any mortal's lifespan thanks to his magical abilities. he has finally found his pupil, Michor, and is slowly immersing him in the magical arts—gradually, and starting with simple magician spells like invoking a small flame, or summoning a mirror from the adjacent room.

Species: Blue Arankidd

Michor's Ilnorios' assistant, and was sold to the wizard by a family desperate to cover their debts while giving their child a good home and career. michor is the first assistant to have lived beyond ten years of age, the other assistants trying to learn the dark arts before Ilnorios deems them able to control it (they thought he was forbidding them because they would be able to kill him). michor is hardworking and doesn't mind that he's being used as an errand boy/maid/butler, because the way he sees it he's earning his keep and, lately, magic lessons

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