Noah Walker

A quiet auto mechanic human, rough around the edges, who stubbornly maintains his distance from other humans. He opens up a little around helots (human-minded androids), enough to just seem awkward and shy as opposed to giving humans the cold shoulder. When he's tipsy or drunk, his guard comes down and he gets generally more easygoing and excited, but his hot temper and impulsive behavior from when he's sober remains in his altered state. His hobbies are illegal street racing using bikes, and learning and building mechanical creations, from bikes to an equally illegal Iron Man-like powersuit.

He's very fascinated with technology and mechanics, and has an obsession over helots that he hides fiercely, because it stretches beyond simple curiosity into wanting to repair and even take helots apart, and extends to a heartfelt wish to become a helot himself. He feels like he's in the wrong body, and built the powersuit, "Honey", in order to rectify some of this sense of wrongness and vulnerability, like a full-body prosthetic and metal shell.

He wears dark sunglasses all the time when there's light, due to his high level of photophobia, and his bike helmet's visor is tinted for the same reason. When he doesn't need to show his face clearly, he likes to wear his bike helmet constantly, and for that reason the people he races against don't usually recognize him on the streets while he might recognize them. His clothes are usually covering the whole of his body, because it feels wrong to him and he'd rather hide that he's a bit thin and bruises easily, and his usual outfit is a white t-shirt a size too large, a thick leather jacket, leather biking gloves, blue denim jeans and black biker boots, either with sunglasses or his red and black bike helmet.

Lizzie is his favorite bike, a heavily modified racing bike with a deep growl and a lot of power and endurance.

He was expulsed from college when he assaulted a fellow student during the spring semester.

His approach to building is strangely instinctive, allowing him to build things with clear steps to follow and schematics to refer to, or, if he has enough know-how, working something up with trial and error and letting the mental plan unfurl as he builds it. If he tries to plan ahead and design things, though, it fails and frustrates him immensely.

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