Book Of Nu

What is Nu?

All life begins with Nu and ends with Nu… This is my belief… At least for now!

— Chrono Trigger

The Nu is a strange creature that appears throughout time in Chrono Trigger and loves to play pranks. Their attacks are either extremely weak or powerful yet nonlethal, and their weakness resides in their scratch point. If you scratch one in the right spot, it become extremely pleased and thankful.

The God of War, Spekkio, changes into a red Nu for its ultimate form, noticeably difficult at this point of the game even with the strongest magic available.

A robotic Nu was created and programmed by the Guru of Reason as a backup memory to assist Crono and friend in acquiring and piloting the Epoch, and for the grim task of burying Belthasar's body. At Belthasar's final wish, Chrono's friends deactivated the Nu, remarking that the stream of time no longer flowed for it.

Why a Nu theme?

A blue layout is soothing to the eyes, the Nu is the most recognizeable non-important character of the time-old classic RPG that is Chrono Trigger, and my InsaneJournal already has a theme centered around the villain of another of my favorite game series.

That, and I felt the Nu would be sufficiently puzzling to visitors.

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