Megaman 10 Script
Table of Contents

Attract Mode Intro

In the Light Lab
Roll: "I'm home…"
Dr. Light: "There you are, Roll. Are you okay?"
Roll: "I dunno. I think I have a fever."
Mega Man: "Oh no! Roll!!"
Dr. Light: "I think Roll has come down with Roboenza. From what I can tell, the virus only affects robots. You all need to be careful!"

In the city
Narrator: "20XX. A new robot illness, Roboenza, has begun to spread rapidly around the world, causing robots to malfunction. Many humans find it impossible to complete even simple tasks without their robot helpers; and without robot assistance, no one can develop a proper cure. A month following the outbreak, the situation worsens. The infected robots turn violent and attempt to take over the world!"

Outside the Light household
?????: "Heeeelp!"
Dr. Wily: "One of those infected robots went crazy and attacked me! I've spent the last few days studying this Roboenza. But even my genius was unable to find a cure. So I built a machine that would help me find the key to developing a cure, but it was stolen by one of these demented robots. I beg you! You have to help me get my medicine-making machine back!"
Dr. Light: "I suppose if we want to stop those robots, we'll have to help you."
Mega Man: "Leave it to me! I'll stop those robots. I'll find Dr. Wily's medicine-making machine, and then we can cure Roll and all the other robots!"

On a rooftop
Mega Man: "Proto Man!"
Proto Man: "I don't think you'll be able to do this alone."
Mega Man : "I'd appreciate any help, Proto Man! Let's do this!!"

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