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A collection of guides created by Neo Qwerty.

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Creatures series

Creatures 1

A Look Into Genetics
Looking into the genomes of my Norns as I play through the game, slowly introducing more and more extra elements and tweaks as I go along and start understanding what's going on. All Norns will be tracked back up their ancestry where possible, and compared.

Dark Cloud series

Dark Cloud

Broken Dagger Glitch
How to do the broken dagger glitch, and the results of all its variations. Several unique items can be obtained this way. Is there a chance of finding the backdoor key that was left out of the game due to a translation error?

Disgaea series

Disgaea DS

Action Replay DS codes
A quick and dirty compilation of codes to multiply EXP gained or replacing characters with bosses.

EverQuest series

Spinoff EverQuest games

Champions of Norrath

7-Button Code and Effects
All the possible results of the 7-button code in Champions of Norrath, including what effects there are on the game.

Final Fantasy Series

Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection

Final Fantasy IV DS

Action Replay DS codes
Character modifier and battle spoil reward modifiers.

Ivalice Alliance games

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Codebreaker codes
Quick combination of codes to change character abilities, jobs, appearances, or reset character levels to level 0.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Action Replay DS codes
Character modifiers.

Megaman series

Megaman classic games


Megaman Powered Up Script
A full script of the entire Powered Up remake, with all characters available.

Megaman 10

Megaman 10 Script
A full script of the entire Megaman 10 game, with all possible characters.

Multiple classic games

Extended CD Database
A compilation of all current characters in the Megaman classic series, with all available officially-confirmed information.

Megaman X games

Megaman X7

X7 Offensive Guide
Details all weaponry and abilities given to all playable characters during the X7 game.

Monkey Island series

The Secret of Monkey Island

Insult Swordfighting
All the cutting insults and comeback parries!

Pokemon series

Pokemon FireRed Version

GameShark Codes
A quick compilation of GameShark codes for Pokemon FireRed, including codes to teach a Pokemon any moves.

Sonic the Hedgehog series

Sonic Advance 2

GameShark Codes
A quick compilation of GameShark codes for Sonic Advance 2, including codes for obtaining the Tails, Knuckles and Amy special Chao!

Multiple Sonic games

Gameplay Features

Chao Guide
A thorough guide on the loveable creatures called Chao, their care, habits, abilities, history and their origin. Coverage extends to all games featuring Chao that can be interacted with, and miscellaneous facts about Chao.

Legend of Zelda series

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Dawn of A New Day glitch guide
A very detailed description of how to do the 4th Day glitch, the consequences, and what has to be done not to freeze the game while playing on the extra days.

Other games

Role-playing games

Avalon Code

Book Codes
An in-progress guide about all possible code combinations obtainable in the Book of Prophecies, and how to achieve particular personalities. Also documents the changes to the New World.

Multi-games guides

Multigames Event Calendar
An event notice calendar that displays all the events on the current month, and which game they belong to. Expanding as Neo finds and buys new games relying on a real-time schedule.
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