1st Ability Modifier values
ID Name Job Notes
00 None
01 Item
02 Battle Tech Soldier, Warrior
03 Chivalry Paladin
04 Fighter Tech Fighter
05 Dragon Tech Dragoon
06 Sacred Tech Templar
07 Lunge Tech Fencer
08 Spellblade Tech Gladiator
09 White Magic White Mage
0A Black Magic Black Mage
0B Blue Magic Blue Mage
0C Red Magic Red Mage
0D Time Magic Time Mage
0E Summon Magic Summoner
0F Spirit Magic Elementalist
10 Ninja Skill Ninja
11 Phantasm Skill Illusionist
12 Sagacity Skill Sage
13 Alchemy Skill Alchemist
14 Hunt Hunter
15 Defend Defender
16 Monk Tech White Mage
17 Prayer Bishop
18 Steal Thief
19 Corner Assassin
1A Sharpshoot Sniper
1B Aim Archer
1C Gunmanship Gunner
1D Control Beastmaster
1E Morph Morpher
1F Call Animist
20 Charge Mog Knight
21 Stunt Juggler
22 Pandora Gadgeteer
23 Punch Goblin
24 Hit Red Cap
25 Melt
26 Chill
27 Scorch
28 Blaze
29 Boom!
2A Icewyrm
2B Dragonblaze
2C Dragonbolt
2D Song Lamia
2E Poison Fang Lilith
2F Sandstorm
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