Final Fantasy IV DS Action Replay codes
Game ID
Party codes
Slot 1 character modifier 020CCCD4 020Cxxxx
220Cxxxx 00000001
Golbez Menu fix
(Use with Golbez in slot 1 code)
920D7A7C 0000000E
220D7A7C 0000000D
D2000000 00000000
Default Abilities + Dark Magic in Slot 1
(Use with Golbez in slot 1 code)
220D1768 00000001
220D176C 00000004
220D1770 00000005
220D177C 00000003
220D1780 0000002E
Equip anything 1207EDC4 00000001
1207EDD8 00000001
Battle codes
Battle reward item modifier 920F2338 000010FF
020F2330 00000000
020F233C EBFC3741
02000048 E59F0000
0200004C E12FFF1E
02000050 0000xxxx
D0000000 00000000
Other codes
Max bonus for ???'s Love 94000130 FFDB0000
020D2000 00630063
220D2004 00000000
D0000000 00000000
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