Character Modifier
Values Character
CCE8 Cecil
(Dark Knight)
CE60 Cecil
CFD8 Kain
D150 Rosa
D2C8 Rydia
(Displays Adult Rydia when summoning monsters she doesn't normally get))
(Learns up to Bio and then doesn't get any new spells)
D440 Rydia
D5B8 Tellah
D730 Porom
D8A8 Palom
DA20 Edward
DB98 Yang
DD10 Cid
DE88 Edge
E000 Fusoya
E178 Golbez
(Very glitchy, freezes often if equipped, trying to scroll to formation commands,
& trying to access the menu with Golbez/Theodore on field)
(Is lvl1, knows all Black Magic, uses Theodore's model normally, uses Golbez's
human-sized model in battle, & uses untextured shapeshift models)
(Use with Golbez Menu Fix & Default Abilities + Dark Magic in Slot 1 codes
to add defend and swap row to battle menu, & enable menu and equipping)
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