Fire Emblem: Dragons' Wish

What's Fire Emblem: Dragons' Wish?

Fire Emblem: Dragons' Wish (or FE:DW if you want to shorten it) is a hack based on Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones/Seima no Kouseki, with several returning characters from Fire Emblem 6, 7 and 8, and a few new characters.

The story will center around Hector, Ephraim, Roy and Eirika as they struggle against new and old foes alike, trying to prevent the strange Dragon Gates from destroying Elibe while driving back the dragons invading Magvel.

And yes, there is a reason for the characters to be there, it's not just a random crossover hack.

Where can I download it/how can I play it?

The hack is currently still in progress, and hasn't been released to the public yet.

What's back from the GBA games?

First of all, characters! 13 new characters are from Fire Emblem 7: Rekka no Ken, and 7 from Fire Emblem 6: Fūin no Tsurugi. They were chosen entirely out of personal preference. To make way for the new characters, most of them have replaced Sacred Stones characters, such as Moulder and Garcia.

The difficulty has also been restored to an FE7 standard. That means that all stat growths and caps are once again based on FE7 and not Sacred Stones, with modifications as needed to keep the game challenging. In particular, monster units gain higher stat caps and greater level-up gains so that by the Creature Campaign, Valni and Lagdou remain the ultimate challenges for your characters instead of being ideal leveling grounds — that task now falls to the skirmishes.

The classes, promotion branches and methods have also been altered. The Mercenary, Archer, Pegasus Knight and Priest have all been returned to their non-branching promotions, and the Nomad, Soldier, Bard and Brigand come back as playable classes. Some classes also had their weapon availability returned to the FE7 standard, notably the General, Sage and Paladin. The Ocean Seal has been replaced with the Fell Contract, and the Heaven and Earth Seals were restored, although the latter is now only used to promote Roy.

Event-exclusive items, like the Juna Fruits and special weapons, will be brought back as secret shop items for you to burn your gold on. Some other items were also brought back, like Ninian's rings and the legendary weapons from Elibe. There are others, but those are for you to discover!

And what's new for Dragons' Wish?

A few things! A handful of items here, completely new classes there, a new gaiden chapter now and then… There's a reason the ROM is bigger than usual GBA games, after all. But if you want a detailed rundown without too many spoilers…

New characters and classes! 2 brand new, entirely original characters will be available for you to use in the main story. The Brigand and Soldier both promote to new classes, and two newcomers, the Witch and Pegasus Lady, can promote into their own exclusive classes, or already established ones. A single new class, the Tactician, is un-promoted and cannot be promoted itself. The Valkyrie gains an entirely new look, and the Swordmaster can now use bows. The Recruit, Pupil and Journeyman now have alternate promotion paths, even if they stay as trainees instead of promoting the first time around. They are also joined by the new trainee class, the Squire, who uses swords.

There are ten secret Creature Campaign classes, each corresponding to a particular crossover character, that will be awarded throughout the Tower of Valni and Lagdou Ruins. These classes will be kept secret, and the only hint as to them here will be on the character pages.

Some new items will be implemented, namely weapons exclusive to the special characters, but a few will be normally available items.