description of humans

New Angels

A group of humans whose belief is that their ancient predecessors destroyed themselves and the earth, that heavenly beings descended from Heaven to heal the earth of its wounds, and that the humans of now have heavily human-dilluted angel blood. They live in the Spire of Harmony, away from contact with most of the world, and study subjects that other humans have long since declared forbidden, on religious grounds of sacrilege.

Within the group, there are three divisions, and three subdivisions in each, supervised as a whole by Bea. The three divisions, supervised each by one advisor, are called the Circle, taught to operate the angels' creations, the Movers, strongest of the New Angels, and the Crimson, taught about ancient arts of war.

The New Angels' most distinguishable feature is that they wear a white sowae harness with wings crafted out of heavenly metals and the white feathers of Birds of Paradise. Their wing size is dependant on their rank, with the lowest individuals in each divisions wearing ones no larger than the hand of a grown man, and the three advisors to Bea wearing wings as long as a grown man's outstretched arm. Only Bea, as the leader of the New Angels, wears wings that reach down to his ankles, as per estimation of an angel's relational wingspan based on the ancient carvings.

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