description and maps of Celeste


Spire of Harmony

A tall spiral tower made, outside, of old rusty and oxydating copper, with warped silver linings and motifs, and inside, of strange blue-veined white marble that never breaks, and decorated with glass torches with unextinguishable blue flames. On the outside, lining the balconies and spiralling outside stairway, are ancient human artworks depicting heavenly beings soaring amongst the skies alongside birds, with strange and fearsome heads unlike any beast seen before. There are also depictions of the ancient civilization that preceeded modern humans, and their strange machines given to them by the angels.

The legends say that the Spire of Harmony is the bridge between Heaven and Celeste, but the tower is closed from the tenth floor and onward by a barrier-wall of thunder-ladden water. Myths say that opening the door will cause all the water of Heaven to flood Celeste, and is the most commonly accepted answer to the mystery of the disparition of the ancient civilization.

Currently, the accessible ten floors of the Spire of Harmony have been turned into an impromptu temple-city by the New Angels sect, housing all necessary living commodities and more, and, should Bea order it, the main gate can be closed with no ill results in the independant community. Visitors are allowed on the first, second, and third floors, and scholars can be escorted up to the seventh floor.

The first floor has had its original ground removed and paved walkways were crafted from the marble stones, allowing for wells to be dug and crops to be grown, all to support the city on the higher floors. The second and third floors are marketplaces, selling the products crafted within the Spire. The fourth floor is littered with schools of all sorts teaching both common subjects that any city would, methods to clean and restore the Spire's outside murals, and heavenly knowledge gained from ancient scriptures and relics. The fifth floor takes advantage of its crystal walls and is a large garden, tended to by a certain order within the New Angels sect. The sixth floor is a library with translated heavenly and ancient civilization books, and the seventh holds untranslated and annotated copies of the originals. The ninth floor has libraries with the original works, and the temple that teaches the New Angels' religion. The tenth floor belongs solely to Bea, the New Angels' leader, and only people directly authorized by him can see what the tenth floor is like.



A strange, slate-grey, eyeless eel-like aquatic creature with a bright yellow bump on its forehead.

It is hunted mainly for its oil-filled melon, but its two arms are also prized as delicacies once smoke-cooked and seasoned properly. The meat on its body is tough, rubbery, resistant to rot and parasites, with a taste not unlike shrimp, and can generally be eaten raw, providing a handy meal for adventurers.

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