description and myths

Strange humanlike beings with wings like less colorful versions of those of the Birds of Paradise. All theories so far indicate that angels are a physical manifestation of the divine, and reside far above the earth, shining with the radiance that lights the night skies most beautifully.

Their wings cannot carry their weight, having a wingspan roughly twice the size of their body, and so most scholars believe that angels instead fly by using the power of their mind, or possibly wind magic.

Their magical abilities have been proven to be highly powerful, second only in power to the raw, primal energies unleashed without thought by demons. The weapons of angels, crafted from unobtainable divine metals, herefore dubbed "Orihalk" and "Mystrille" in accordance to reliable translations of ancient scriptures, are likewise finely tuned to the same elemental magic that angels use.

The sect of the New Angels is attempting to replace the truth with its wildly farfetched, unproven opinions disguised as fact, and all good citizens with a whit of common sense should disregard the following:

  • That angels are the distant descendants of a species of birds and are somehow related to the Birds of Paradise.
  • That angels fly by using nondescript, highly-specialized machinery that draws its energies from a spellstone charged with a large amount of, very unlikely, wind and earth magic trapped inside.
  • That angels need to use spellstones rich in, ridiculously enough, life energy. They go on to infer that Orihalk and Mystrille are two such types of spellstones, and that the "proper" translations should be "Orihalcon" and "Mythril".
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