Visions and Dreams

Megaman fell into sleep, a deep black void. After a time, his consciousness restored itself. He was aware that he was dreaming, no matter how realistic it seemed, because a low, faded hum would always buzz around in his ears, like some faded radio signal.

He brought himself to a stand on the black ground, and watched, awaiting the other's arrival from the darkness surrounding them. The familiar eyes appeared first, bright as stars, before the man drew closer. He stopped before Megaman, two feet away, face to face.

I know who you are.

The other looked at him, about to reach out for him, and paused in the movement. Megaman wondered if he would disappear once he said the truth.

You died the night I was born.

The hand rested on his cheek, light as a feather, piercing eyes staring at him with an intensity that made his heart beat faster.

You're Protoman. My brother.

This was it. The moment where the visitor in his dreams would disappear and he would finally sleep well again.

Protoman moved closer, his mouth moving as he talked, but the sound never reached Megaman's ears. Megaman steeled himself, closed his eyes, waited for the darkness of slumber to swallow him whole again. Lips pushed on his, rough and cold and insistent, and Megaman couldn't decide if he liked it or wanted to pull back in discomfort. Protoman drew back, stared right into his soul again,

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