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The Saukra Saga

The Hidden WorldINDEX — G
The first volume of the Saukra Saga. Wanting to help out Professor Oak from Pallet Town, Saukra has agreed to test the PokéHelper and befriend a Pichu who will become her inseparable best friend, now and forever.
Colorful Journey — INDEX — G
The second volume of the Saukra Saga. Now of age, Saukra begins her long and arduous journey as a Pokémon Trainer. From Viridian to Lavender, she slowly learns that being a Pokemon Trainer isn't all it's cracked up to be.
Spread Their Wings — INDEX — G
The third volume of the Saukra Saga. Three legendary bird Pokémon. It was said in legends that should they battle, the beast of the stormy seas would awaken. With them dead, nothing is left to control the fury of the ultimate Shadow Pokémon.
Nearby Journey — INDEX — G
The fourth volume of the Saukra Saga. Johto
Burned Paws, Burning Eyes — INDEX — PG
The fifth volume of the Saukra Saga. Three beastly Pokémon, burned to death in one of the towers of Ecruteak. Fleet of foot and fearing man, they must nonetheless reunite atop the remaining tower, or face the essence of life leaving the world.
Immaculate Battles — INDEX — PG
Stadium & Stadium 2
Material Journey — INDEX — G
Droughts and Floods — INDEX — PG
The — volume of the Saukra Saga. Two warring teams are tearing Hoenn apart, as flash-floods and cruel droughts plague the region, threatening to extend onward to the rest of the world. To calm an eternal anger, the sky serpent must be called.
Familiar World — INDEX — G
Pokemon Channel
Faraway Journey — INDEX — PG-13
Glimmering Journey — INDEX — PG
Heal What Is Torn — INDEX — PG
Dialga, Palkia, Giratina events.
Tears Of The Moon — INDEX — PG-13
Darkrai, Cresselia events. darkrai is an ancient pokemorph & cresselia an ancient pokemon. darkrai cursed because his fellow humans were afraid of him after transformation
Humbling Lessons — INDEX — PG
Sinjoh ruins event. meeting arceus, god of all. travelling to the past when humans and pokemon were one species
Curse Of Nine Tails — INDEX — PG-13
the ninetails curse, travel beyond sinnoh mystery dungeon red offshoot w/ explorers plot minus skitty
Weathered Journey — INDEX — PG-13
Corrupted Gracidea — INDEX — PG
back to sinnoh, saukra & nathan help marley escort shaymin to the flower paradise. trap was laid by a shadow sky forme shaymin clone
Otherworldly Journey — INDEX — G
distortion world & mystery dungeon time w/ red plot plus skitty for nathan. he tries to track down giratina for saukra
Pokémon Underground — INDEX — R
near-final story. saukra as ranger. nathan as pokemon master. they team together to find and disband the cruel underground caused by spread of shadow pokemon and pokemon mistreatment. saukra to save the pokemon, nathan to restore the sport of pokemon fighting to the near-ceremony tradition he grew up with in Nuedo
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