Steal his Voice

A Peach Cantata fanfiction by Neo Qwerty
Characters and setting by Mystery Muse

Phoenix caught Michael by the collar, and shoved him hard into a wall. The cry of surprise and pain only fueled the toy-man's rage as his jaw clenched tight, teeth gritted together. He wanted the strange man's voice, wanted to make it his, take it however he could, steal it to complete himself. He pushed harder when Michael struggled, and shoved his body to the blond's, pinning him.

Michael took in a breath, only for Phoenix's lips to crash against his, teeth clacking and splitting open Michael's upper lip. The clockwork-toy's mouth drowned out the shout, and Phoenix swallowed the vibrant sound. His hands shifting from his prey's collar to his elbows, before Michael could punch at him, the redhead shifted a leg and kicked the blond's feet apart. Phoenix pinned him against the wall harder, lower body to lower body and mouths shoved together, and let out a breathless chuckle as Michael fought on anyway, thrashing and shouting in anger while Phoenix drank in the noises.

The toy-man shoved his tongue into Michael's mouth, as if he could just reach in and consume the perfect voice that way. He wasn't sure if it was all that impossible at this point, Michael's protests buzzing inside and his thrashing and squirming making Phoenix burn. There was a fire lighting up, burning bright inside his head and hot between his legs, and he hissed into Michael's mouth. That was his fault. Everything was.

He bucked hard, pressing his stiff cock against Michael's crotch through layers of clothes, and it excited Phoenix further that the man's thrashing redoubled, arching hard enough that he nearly threw the redhead off. The shouts gained in volume, shook inside Phoenix's chest in the way that had him hungry for even more, even as his vision skewed to the left, a static fringe framing his grainy monochrome sight.

Sharp pain knifed through the haze of lust as Michael bit Phoenix's tongue, thrashing his head hard until their lips came apart. The redhead watched as Michael spat out the sour oil-blood, laughing low.

"Scream louder," Phoenix whispered, eyes backlit with an unnatural orange light.

When Michael was about to yell, Phoenix's mouth was back over his again, harder and more desperate. Michael cringed, and aimed for an awkward knee attack. The toy-man reeled, thrown off-balance, before pulling back long enough to throw him down to the floor. Phoenix dove after Michael, aching still, lust raging through his being in bolts of electricity.

He grabbed the back of Michael's head, and slammed him viciously forward against the ground, hearing a sharp crack. Michael's yelp was more confused than angry this time, and Phoenix yanked him up, scanning him briefly for damage. Something dark was running down Michael's forehead, and Phoenix grunted. As long as he didn't actually break anything, Michael would heal. The redhead shoved the man down again, and rapidly threw himself on top of Michael, this time just letting his weight keep the still-struggling blond pinned.

Phoenix yanked on Michael's hair, and twisted his head sideways, forcing their lips together a third time. The toy ground his aching cock against Michael's ass, and swallowed the renewed noises of protest. An elbow drove violently into Phoenix's side, and he grunted into the liplock without breaking away this time. He ignored the blow in favor of rubbing harder against Michael's ass, wondering for a moment if he'd be able to get away with yanking the blond's pants down and fucking him before someone tried to interrupt.

That thought was knocked out of his head with the most satisfying yell he'd been able to force out of Michael, resonating and making Phoenix vibrate, bouncing around in every gap and hollow of his body, reverberating all the way into his metal bones. Phoenix shuddered hard against Michael, broke the liplock as he bucked one last time, orgasm ravaging what hadn't been shaken by the note. He came in his pants, letting out a scream that was so much less than Michael's voice, and immediately slunk back down over the blond.

Michael threw Phoenix off him, finally, and quickly climbed to his feet while glaring down at the toy-man. Phoenix groaned quietly in protest as his head thudded heavily against the floor, and stared blindly where Michael had been shoved down, iris-shutters struggling to open to the point where he could see shit again.

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