Other Uses

A "Peach Cantata" fanfic by Neo Qwerty
Based on the novel by Mystery Muse

"You wretched failure! I built you to complete one task, and you can't even manage that!? My plan was foolproof, you were designed to be perfect, and you ruined it all!"

A shaking fist slammed into the quiet toy-man, and drew a small hiss of pain. But even the weakest of Master's toys could endure more than any man. Hazel eyes continued staring blandly ahead under the white mask that was the toy's face, and Master glared furiously at him, hitting him again.

"You're useless to me now! I should just discard you and leave you to rust, you pathetic false man! In fact, give me one good reason I shouldn't!"

The toy's focus shifted to Master as he processed the question, looking at the rageful face. He answered with a quiet, level voice, with only the barest tinge of pleading weighting on his words. He didn't want to be thrown away before he had a chance to find what was wrong with himself and remedy to it. He wanted to be the perfect voice as he was intended to be.

"Master, can't I still be useful? Isn't there anything else you can use me for? You put more effort and detail into me than your enforcers, Master. Please don't give up on me. I want to serve you."

Master's cold and merciless gaze scanned him once more, with an intensity he usually only reserved for criminal elements that he especially disliked. The toy-man's existence was hanging in a particularly cruel and capricious balance…

"I might be able to put your body to use…"

"We wouldn't want you to delude yourself about what you are, would we?"

The toy stared into the mirror, at the reflection of the facemask lying on the floor, discarded, then to the exposed machinery that it concealed under normal circumstances. Out of their clothes, Master and the toy didn't seem all that different. He could easily see how mistaking himself for human would have been easy if not for the sight of metal, wires and plastic where a face should have been.

Master's hands were cold on his exposed skin, as he was pushed and pulled until he was lying on his stomach, his legs spread on the bed and spine at a slight angle. Presenting himself in that way felt… vaguely embarrassing. But he made no noise, not even one of discomfort, when suddenly a cold and oily -something- forced its way inside.

His gaze quickly returned to the mirror, looking with some apprehension as Master moved his hand and shifted his fingers inside the toy-man's body. Their gazes met, and Master spoke darkly, warning the failure.

"Don't tense up or clench again, or I'll make sure to shut your brain down only after I've had your body recycled."

The toy relaxed at Master's command, though for an instant, he wondered. Would it be worse than simply dying? Or was dying another thing that only humans could have?

The fingers were pulled out, and Master hovered over him. This time, it was something larger and warmer than fingers that pressed into the toy-man, and Master breathed quietly next to his ear, a pleased sound that hadn't been heard before by the toy.

Once the man was pressed against the toy's back, warmth seeping into the toy's skin, Master drew back. The sensation was strange, a slight pull at the toy's insides as if there was a threat he could be pulled inside-out that way, and then he was thrust into in earnest, pushed forward a little with the strength of it and caught by surprise. Unexplainable little jolts ran up his spine like shivers, and he blinked at Master's reflection.

Master settled into a fast, brutal pace, grasping at the toy's hips and digging his nails into the artificial skin, leaving scratches when he pulled while he was already entirely inside the toy. Each penetration left the toy a little more frazzled with pleasure, until he was hard against the silky covers, toes and fingers curled, hands clenched into the bedsheets. His body twitched against his will, as if Master was controlling it directly, somehow.

The toy-man heard Master speak, but for once discarded it as entirely unimportant, preferring to focus on the happenings instead. A particularly vicious jab that rocked him forward and slid him over silk ended his strange trance. He felt bright, hot electricity zip up his spine, then a shockwave of heat expand from his lower abdomen. His sight flickered and shut, leaving him in darkness even while he felt his eyes shift, staring blindly toward the mirror.

The toy knew that his body shook, a shudder throughout his entire frame, and a noise unlike anything a man could produce escaped him, some sort of quiet, short-lived harmonic tone. He felt Master pull back out, then heat covering the small of his back and his backside in wet ribbons. He shivered again, much more weakly, and then his body started recovering from the experience—RESET

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