Mirror, Mirror

A "Peach Cantata" fanfic by Neo Qwerty
Based on the novel by Mystery Muse

A man with angular features, dressed in an immaculate white dress shirt, dark grey slacks, and black polished shoes, walked up and down a row of glass capsules. His bright eyes shone in the sterile lightning of the neons overhead, as he impassively watched the results of months of research get shredded like wet tissue, inside the test tubes. The failures would be recycled, their organic matter turned to food, and their electronic components disassembled and melted.

The laboratory had only one occupied bed, at least for now. As the man known as "Master" approached, the thin, sickly-looking body shifted. He gazed into the animal's artificial eyes, and it gazed back at him, witless and trusting. Although it had the shape of a man, its intelligence and mental abilities came far short of even the lowest of Master's toys. Master let a smirk settle on his lips, placing his hands on one edge of the crib-like bed and leaning a bit of his weight on them.

"The first copy to survive to term and have a full success rate… Aren't you special. I'll have many more bodies like you made."

He knew the clone didn't have the capacity to understand him. These wide eyes gazed at him in a form of primal awe as it heard sounds for the first time, and he reached out, quickly pushing on its cheek, turning its head. Once it was staring at the ceiling, like it should have been in the first place, he analyzed its appearance.

Master traced his fingertips over its features, feeling the inaccurate shape of the cheekbones under its translucently pale skin, examined the off-color iris of the toy-eyes. Its hair was a dark color, but not quite black, and its lips were slightly thinner, and much paler. The copy's entire being seemed to lack a semblance of life, but it was freshly created.

"Maybe you'll look less like a reanimated corpse once you're cleaned and prepared."

The clone blinked slowly, then its lips slid open. A raspy hiss of air tore itself out of its never-used, dry throat, muscles in its neck shifting in an attempt to work and emulate. Master raised his hand, placed it firmly on its mouth, and forced it to close with a push against its chin.


It offered nearly no resistance, muscles atrophied by its long stay in its capsule, and surrendered within minutes to Master's control. It remained placid, not knowing better, and surrendered to him.

Master lifted his hand, brought it down to the sheet covering the animal, and pulled it away to resume his mental comparison. It shivered, arms and legs struggling to fold against its torso in an attempt to conserve warmth, but Master simply pulled the limbs back into their positions, holding them until it gave up and stopped pulling.

"You move only by my will, body. Even if it means your death, you'll act only if I tell you to, and you'll accept any and every thing I subject you to."

He trailed his hand over the so-fragile skin, dry and covered in dusty residue from its stay in a tube, noticing again how much paler than him it seemed. It twisted under him as his palm slid over a nipple, shivering again as its lips parted without noise. Master let out an amused chuckle, brushing his fingertips down toward its abdomen. His hand moved over flat skin and muscles that shuddered as if ticklish, and his chuckles turned into quiet laughter as Master looked down the length of the body.

"I suppose that means the nervous system wasn't damaged by the integration of the parts. You're quite happy to see me, new body of mine? And about the right size…"

The body looked like him more than enough to appeal to his narcissism, its differences adding together to make it look younger than Master did, but still close enough that he would only need to have its hair dyed while preparing it. And, the wicked side of him added, a separate body, without a will of its own, offered quite the interesting possibilities. If he… damaged it, he could simply create a new one, couldn't he? They were expendable now that one of the sequences of procedures had proven effective.

Master reached down, curled his fingers around waking flesh, and gave it a few strokes. It hardened quickly against his skin, as the copy shifted again. It tilted its head back, and with a noisy gasp of air, twitched its hips in an attempt to thrust upwards. Master's smirk widened, and he looked at its rapidly-flushing face, blood collecting in its cheeks, nose and ears. Its eyes were wide-open, as if bewildered by the sensations, and its breath came quickly while it opened and closed its mouth. Still, only strained hisses of breath escaped the body's throat.

"Though I think your skin is still rather thin, isn't it."

He let go of the copy's erection, and raked his nails over the inside of one thigh, hard. As Master had thought, the skin easily split, red rising from the welts, pearling before it began to trickle down. The body shifted, trying to avoid the pain, and let out a moan as if in protest. Master's smirk became a full smile, dark yet satisfied. Even with the hoarse edge to it, the copy was a faithful reproduction in the one area that counted; Master's voice. He could easily use it as his mouthpiece, and the slight differences would be overlooked by every citizen of the City, without even the need for a voice modifying unit.

"So you have my voice? That's very good. Hm, I think I've found out everything I set out to double-check. I'll see you after you've been prepared, in a month. Be good, now, my body."

Master stood upright again, turning and walking toward the security door leading outside of the copying room. He paid no mind to the quiet noises and shifting of the body in its bed, ready to return to the control room and supervise the preparation process from there. If it needed some fine-tuning, he would rather be directly connected than have to go through tedious vocal commands the filter sometimes misinterpreted.

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