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The world of Mayulia is a budding setting that, one day, I hope to expand into an adventure and erotic roleplay that'll be suitable for both younger and older players… Ruled by my iron fist.


A science-fiction universe set in the near future, created by Mystery Muse and with very fun characters!

"Peach Cantata" (working title)

A steampunk/clockwork western dystopia set in the future, as a "sequel" of sorts to Singularity. Also created by Mystery Muse!

Crucial Fault — PG-13
He was a failure, pure and simple. It should have worked. It didn't. And now he could barely stand the sound of his voice.
Mirror, Mirror — NC-17 — Master x clone
The first successful toy-clone was generated, but its functionality needs to be assessed. What use would a body be if it can't react properly?
Other Uses — NC-17 — Master x Phoenix
The attempt to create the perfect voice is a complete and utter failure. Enraged, Master decides to repurpose his singing toy-man in order to avoid waste.
Seeking a Distraction — NC-17— Phoenix solo
Boredom. Things that never changed. Weaklings afraid of their shadows. Boredom. The only things that made him feel anything but disdain weren't there. Boredom. He needed to distract himself.
Steal his Voice — NC-17 — Phoenix x Michael
Hearing Michael talk was a constant taunt to Phoenix. The blond's voice was what the toy-man couldn't have, and it drove him insane. He wanted to reach in, rip it from Michael and swallow it as his own.
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