What the Dark Hides

A Megaman X fanfic by Neo Qwerty

The dark hides so many things… Little flaws. Cracks in armors. Secrets. The look of agonized pleasure on Zero's face.

But what it hides the best is what's born from darkness. Things, like Axl, whose past is veiled in shadows. Things like an assassin and his crimes. Things like… A slippery tongue gliding over bright lines.

Zero makes protesting noises, jerking his bound limbs away from Axl's mouth, as if the touch burns him. His bright blue eyes glow in the dim light of the cubicle he's trapped in, staring down at Axl in shock and anger, demanding answers. Axl's eyes look up, and he gives him a look that makes a cold shiver crawl down Zero's spine.

Axl's not a kid. He's not the lost, slightly goofy, innocent and well-meaning Hunter-wannabe that everyone sees. His eyes have lost their childlike shine, and gained the same cold glitter that Zero knows so well. But Axl's not scowling, not in the heat of battle, not consumed with pain and hatred and annoyance at Sigma… His lips are pulled back into a sly and arrogant smile, so much like the one Red tossed them after they beat him, as a team. But what worries Zero is the strange feel that Axl does all of this as a way to get vengeance…

Each slow and purposeful lick, following a shining line. Each small and light bite on the fingers of a tied hand. Each heavy slide of a hand on bared meshskin. Each and every gesture, a form of vengeance, and Zero wonders if X will be spared, or if Axl already did it to him. But before Zero can distract himself, Axl makes another move and causes a spike of heat, prompts Zero to drop his thoughts, arch into Axl's own form of payback.

He's teased like this, with slow touches, deliberately seeming tender, until he burns with need that — to his shame and dismay — not even X can't trigger. Because Axl can read bodies better than anyone else, and he picks up on clues so small no one else can see. And then, Axl lowers himself, and Zero strains his neck, biting hard into the surprisingly effective gag. When Axl presses his mouth right between Zero's legs, Zero's whole body jerks, held back by half-melted hexacuffs. When Axl's teeth dig into the meshskin, his tongue thrusts against the central conduit, and he sends a demand signal half a second later, Zero breaks and gives in, nearly mad with electronic lust.

Everything seems normal, if kinky, once Zero sends a submission signal. Axl raises back up, licking and rubbing at conduits, green eyes half-shut and a pleased hint of a smile on his face. He flashes a dark, midnight-blue, and his armor vanishes to expose his body, just as aroused as Zero's. Axl settles over Zero, so one of his thighs is between Zero's legs and Axl can rub against Zero's right leg. And then, their lips brush, their mouths open and their tongues slide against each other, triggering their climaxes. Everything seems fine, bodies and programs tangled and writhing with pleasure…

But when Axl draws back, his scarred face flushed and lips shiny, he settles coldly-gleaming eyes at Zero, looking down at the restrained Reploid as if he's wondering about something. Then the spark of innocence fills his eyes and he grins at Zero, bending down to whisper cheerily…

"I'll rip out your core with my bare hands, once I'm done with the Hunters."

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