The Easy End

A Megaman X fanfic by Neo Qwerty

X took an empty breath, lowering his buster, and then he darted his eyes sideways. Axl was leaning on Zero's side, gasping involuntarily and clenching his fingers into his side, holding a wound closed. Zero was looking just as bad, armor cracked and his skin scorched, a few ruptured conduits stinging painfully.

The three Hunters shared a look, before Zero gave a small jerk of his head, gesturing for X to go ahead. The blue Hunter was the least damaged of them three, and with Sigma, Vile and the clones down there was little that could harm X. The later nodded and moved forward, creeping past the steel pillars, green eyes scanning the new area. Finally, he found what he was looking for; a white Reploid, defenseless and bound by purple ropes, with a thick wire knotted, stuffed in his mouth and curled around his head.

X moved forward, scanning to see if he had been harmed at all, but he could see nothing wrong with him. he moved closer, calling out on radio as the single gold eye focused on him and pleaded.

Lumine? …Did Sigma harm you?

The other Reploid shook his head, before tilting his head to the side to show a tiny scrambler on his right ear. Sigma must have blocked all outgoing radio signals in an attempt to prevent a rescue before he was fully ready. X walked forward, kneeling in front of Lumine, and then eased the wire away. His hands then pulled the strange ropes away, freeing Lumine's wrists and ankles, before reaching down and helping the weak scientist back to his feet.

Here, you're free now. You'll have to come with us to Hunter Base to tell us what happened, but everything is going to be fine.

Lumine smiled, unsure, before reaching to his earcone and gently plucking the scrambler off, restoring his radio's full functions. The white Reploid then gestured for X to go back to his friends, his smile becoming more serene.

We should leave. Sigma's destruction must have taken down the teleportation shield… And I do not wish to remain here any longer than I have to.

X nodded, stepping back toward Zero and Axl's location.

I understand, Lumine. I don't want to stay here either… Here, let's all go back to earth.

Lumine's lips parted and he smiled a little more, nodding in agreement. Once X turned his back, Lumine's single visible eye narrowed and he let out a silent cackle. He was the victim here, the one who was kidnapped and used as an hostage by the Mavericks, after all. And now, he was being brought back to Maverick Hunters' biggest branch, to tell them what the big bad Maverick leader did to the poor little innocent Director…

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