Shifter Virus

A Megaman X fanfic by Neo Qwerty

When the first wave of the Shifter Virus hit, it was a contained contamination, in a single settlement of New Generation Reploids. The Maverick Hunters had enough time to determine that it was a virus that affected the Copy System and forced a partial DNA transformation, despite claimed immunities.

As a single, relatively safe incident, it wasn't much to talk about, except to crack jokes about how most of the workers had been transformed into apiforme Reploids. But the true outbreak happened five hours or so later, radiating outward from the heart of Megalopolis.

And there were bets on Axl becoming a catboy. After all, although his demeanor was more that of a loyal puppy, eager and loyal, his ears did look like cat ears, and everyone knew that catboys were so much cuter than dogboys. And so, under pressure from Zero (who betted on 30-to-one odds that Axl wouldn't be a catboy), he went to verify Axl, in the quarantine room. The sight was so peculiar and unexpected that X, pressing a hand to his ear and lifting his wrist toward his mouth, almost forgot to toggle on his radio.


X blinked, then leaned forward on the observing glass, fascinated like a little child, as Axl casually walked around, upside-down, on the ceiling. His arms were crossed over his chest, a leathery blue-with-red-stripes blanket drawn tight around him as he paced. His green eyes, with larger irises than before, were rapidly shifting from one object to the next, like he was scanning the room.

Yeah, X?

"…You won the bet."

And now Axl was opening his mouth, as if crying out, then nervously licking his lips and nose while his new ears pivoted and tilted, getting a grin as he interpreted his new sense correctly. …Seeing Axl with a weird, pig-like snout was about as strange as seeing large white ears with red insides.

Alright! Wait… What did he turn into?

"…What he…?"

X giggled a bit, before answering.

"He has a lot in common with Batman."

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