Salvo ch.1: Bullet Time

A Megaman X fanfiction by Neo Qwerty

Axl didn't waste even a second, running straight to his room and brushing off anyone's inquiries. Right now, he was tired, done, and he was even having trouble focusing. He was done for the day and down for the count!

As he lunged into "his" recharge room and hit the doorpad blindly, he let out a loud groan and raised a hand to his helmet, digging his fingers in with a grimace. When he spoke to himself, he was whimpering quietly, eyes closing halfway.

"They still got no idea what making me fire for so long does to me, but I'd've thought they'd figure it out by now…!"

He walked over to the recharger's base, sinking down to his knees, and extended his left hand outward as preparations for forming one of the Axl bullets. The energy stroked at his hand through his thick protection glove, and Axl bit down a moan, closing his hand over the heavy, too-warm weight of his gun.

"Sorry that they didn't give us a break, boy…"

Axl slowly stroked his fingers over the rectangular ceratanium slide casing, pulling it backward as he caressed the gun. His lips met the energy-warmed barrel of the handgun in a quick apologetic peck, and he mumbled to it, breath brushing over the metal.

"I know how much overheating hurts… Come on, I'll fix you and your girlfriend up, real quick."

With slow, practiced movements, he took hold of the slide and split it in two, gently sliding both halves of the casing off their slots, placing them down on the ground as delicately as if they were made of glass. His gloved fingers returned to the barrel and exposed mechanisms, lightly brushing on the shielded, reddened circuits, and he let out a low groan of sympathy as the overheat's sensations travelled up his spine and into his brain. His poor guns!

He carefully continued opening the Axl Bullet up, filtering some sort of knocking noise as someone from maintenance being noisy, and tuned it out in favor of gently gripping the now-bare pistol's handle, pulsing light muted by his hand as the heat transfered through his glove, straight to his palm. His index rubbed back and forth over the trigger, gently squeezing it until he was just shy of firing, then letting up on the pressure. He occasionally thumbed the cylindrical energy reservoir protuding from the Bullet's dorsal area as he petted the naked mechanisms of the gun.

His mind drifted, carried by a slowly-building euphoria, and began recalling today's mission as he closed his eyes. For each satisfying pop of energy as a plasma shot made contact with armor, he gave the barrel a small kiss of affection. The high-pitched cracking sound of an armor-piercing bullet drilling through shield and enemies netted a small moan and a quick move of his hand around the pistol's uncovered grip. His mind filtered out a sliding sound, and his mental revision reached their target, completely obliterated with one shot of the G-Launcher. He gave his gun a long, insistent series of rubs over the red conduits, and pointed the muzzle upward and away from himself.

"Heehee… boom… headshot. Nnnh!"

The gun's trigger depressed all on its own, small free-recoil shocks twitching against his hands as he fired a quick stream up into the ceiling, the shots a brilliant white instead of their warm yellow shade. Warmth washed over his body, sweeping through his systems, and a light as bright as the muzzle-flash of the Axl Bullet craddled in his hands thundered through his conduits. He vaguely had the impression someone was shouting his name in surprise, but he just let his head tip backward toward the recharged, his breath leaving him in soft, satisfied moans.

He finally cracked an eye open and took in Zero's strange expression, and began reassembling his gun with a rapidly-coloring face.

"Y-you don't've to stare… 'm'jus'… fixing their overheating, 'cause you guys always make us overheat, and you got any idea how painful it gets on all of us, and can you please stop staring and go away so I can finish making him decent at least!?"

Axl stared with wide eyes at the stunned blond Hunter for what felt like eternity plus one.

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