A Megaman X fanfic by Neo Qwerty

Axl stayed very, very still, crouched in his borrowed body, waiting for the best occasion to strike. He couldn't afford to miss this one shot, so to speak. This was the last thing Red had asked of him… And he wasn't going to let any Hunter ruin his family's revenge.

Sound filtered below, Sigma's gravely, rumbling voice, and he struggled to contain his rage. He leapt into action, adapting spectacularly to Red's much, much taller frame, and landed between X and Zero. He heard sounds of surprise and tensed, before they moved toward him. He reacted on instinct, screaming in his head with his throat tight and his lips pressed together.

You won't take our revenge away! Red Alert deserves this kill more than you do!

He shifted his weight to one leg, rapidly kicking Zero in the stomach, before spinning his borrowed scythe and jabbing it sharply upwards and driving an unbladed part of it into X's neck, winding him. When Sigma laughed, he let a small, humorless smirk form on Red's lips, and bounded in front of "the Professor", doing a quick about-face.

That's right. Laugh. In the end, it's us who'll laugh at you when you get what's coming to ya.

"Red, just in time. A good deed deserves another… Let me give you what I promised… Let me give you the power you've craved."

Axl stayed still, letting his radar and sensors "see" for him, any uneasiness about so many things slithering through the air to brush at him forgotten for now. They began latching on to him, about to tap into him, and his smirk twisted into a snarling grin.

This is it…

"With it, you won't lose to the Hunters."

That's not what I want. It's not what Red wanted. He wanted us all to be better than the Hunters because we did a better job than them! …Here it comes, guys. It's showtime.

He formed the right-hand Bullet and backed up into Sigma, raising the nozzle until it made contact with Sigma's chin, before taking in a deep breath. As his voice duplicated, both his and Red's, he shoved as much energy as he could into the connected tentacle-wires, feeling unbelievably satisfied as he ripped a dismayed and pained roar from Sigma as he blew up the connections between them.

"You're right. With this power, I'll never lose."

He dropped the transformation and squeezed the Bullet's trigger, sending Sigma reeling back, and he spun around to face him, firing more rounds into the thick neck and barrel chest, under his cloak.

That's for messin' with us!

He gave out a final shout, firing and kicking hard into Sigma's midsection, just as something flashed under his ragged cloak, and then vaguely heard a wall break and something shatter, far, far away as he slammed into the wall on the opposite side of the Crimson Palace. His vision skewed and turned greyscale, but he saw X and Zero approach him, warily, through the noise-snow.

"…wasn't that cool…?"

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