Megaman X Fanfiction: Ocean Bed

The battle wasn't going well. Axl knew, could tell where Splash would come from, but… His heart wasn't in it. Warfly's accusation stung harder than he'd expected it to be, and the confession of hate just…

A hard slash from Warfly's beam wing knocked him, with a loud screech, off into the water, and his body spasmed as the slice sparked, blooming with pain. He heard the 'plip' of the fish Maverick diving after him, and fought off the pain and alarms as they sunk to the ocean bed, twisting to try and keep the other into view in the murky waters.

[Is something wrong, traitor? Does it hurt?]

Axl forced a snarl, air escaping his systems in a rush of bubbles as he opened up the Red Alert frequency to answer.

[You and I both know Red's thrown worse scratches at us when we fought—]

[Don't you dare talk of-of—of what you fooled us all into thinking! You traitor!]

Warfly slammed into him from the front, pinned him down hard against the silty ground. Axl was sure it was a coincidence, but as the water rushed out of his wound and the mud leaked in, the painful shocks receded, before finally vanishing.

[I didn't fool anyone! I had to—]

The fist hit his cheek and earcone clip, threw his head to the side, and Axl tried to block the next attacks despite his slower mobility.

[Liar, liar, traitor, I'll make sure you suffer before I kill you!]

Axl's eyes stung, and he let his body go limp as something squeezed his heart like a vice. Warfly's onslaught paused, red fingers grabbed his earcone and forced him to look back at his former friend.

[What the hell are you trying to do, traitor? Looking like that?]

There wasn't anyone watching, here. Just him and a half-crazy Maverick; what good would pretending he was okay do? He just let his mask fall, just that once, and stared at Warfly with eyes that would have been blurry even in the air, lips trembling.

[You think I ever wanted this? You think I ever wanted to put a bullet in Hyenard so he'd stop screaming that it hurts, Warfly? Y-you think hearing… Hearing Tonion… Hearing him beg X to save th-them is my f-fault…?]

Axl's shoulders shook, his sobs coming out as smaller and smaller trickles of bubbles, but he didn't stop staring at the animaloid.

[What we were doing was wrong! Where'd the Red Alert that saved lives go, Warfly? You… I'm watching my friends lose it and all I'm good for is pretending you've always been this way so I c-can… So I… can…]

Axl formed the left Axl Bullet, aimed the gun at Warfly's chest, but his whole arm shook, and he wore the anguished grimace on his face honestly.

[So I can kill you. And I'm not just going to have the memories of this thing. I'm a data-collector, I'm going to carry the DNA-data of the friends I've helped kill.]

Axl shut his eyes, but he couldn't pull the trigger. He didn't have the mental strength to do it. He felt gutted, powerless, and when Warfly's hand pulled the pistol free from his hand, he relinquished it without a fight. He fully expected a blade at his chest, ready to be cleaved in half. What he didn't expect was a signal hooking into him, ordering him to recall his armor. He was lying naked at the bottom of the ocean before he'd even processed the command consciously.

[You… brat. Making me feel sorry for a traitor… Keh!]

Warfly twisted his wings, split them back out of weapon mode, and clicked them back in place on his jetpack.

[You're right, I'm infected. We all are. And I want to hurt you, but not… Not the way you are right now. That way's no fun, so… I'll hurt you differently, little brat.]

Axl's eyes flew open when Warfly leaned in, sprayed the lines at his neck with a jet of water from his mouthpiece. Fingers pushed hard into hip lines, raked up and forced the energy back up and into side paths. Axl gasped in water, and immediately spluttered it back out with a wince.

[ What are you doing?!]

The fish animaloid only laughed, somewhat mockingly.

[Don't you know? I would have thought, after Gungaroo and Stonekong, you'd know.]

Axl froze. Then stared at the narrow-eyed stare Warfly was giving him, as grief was shoved aside so mortification could make itself at ease on his face and make his cheeks burn.

[Oh. …You know about that?!]

A thumb ran over his central pelvic line, hard, up and down, and little crackles of pleasure rose up in his conduits despite the pain.

[You're loud. And you never figured out how to not share your outgoing data with everyone in range.]

Warfly moved his head, blew water harder against the lines racing over his shoulders. Smaller lines immediately darkened from pale gold to rust-red, throbbing in Axl's senses while he was still reeling from the information. Red fingers pushed hard into the pelvic line, swiped up and down hard enough to push on the mesh it was woven in, and pain screeched into his systems as direct impact, only to just as suddenly wane into tingling soreness and warmth as the conduit popped back into shape, buffer layer air-filled and the line glowing angry red as energy surged back through. Axl's noises were lost in the waters.

[You're a whore, that's what you are. I'm hurting you and all you do is dig your fingers in the sand and let your body tell me that you want more, more pleasure, more pain. Keh keh keh keh…]

Axl had no idea how to reply to that. He knew Warfly had always been sadistic, but he'd never… He didn't… The thought it could apply to this, the idea that Axl would ever want to be hurt this way?

[I… I… Warfly…!]

Even his warning growl was weak in his own audio feedback. Warfly noticed it, too, and pinched the lines on the top of his thighs closed, held them that way until Axl finally thrashed, raising hands to the slim waist.

[Cut this crap out and get this off! Stop teasing me!]

The animaloid's laugh drifted through the water, and he twisted at the lines he was pinching, triggered more warnings and Axl's hands to grip him brutally tight for a split second, before he let go to abuse the twin lines running down Axl's chest next.

[This isn't how it works, traitorous little whore. I'm the one in control. But if you're that eager, you could help, because I want you as red as your armor's stripes.]

Axl shuddered, kicked a foot in the silt when Warfly's mouthpiece drifted over his neck to then leave another bruised patch on his other shoulder.

[But red is a bad color for the lines!]

[…That's almost cute. Listen, brat. Red is overload. Brown is burning out. Both are really painful. Now, the faster you're red…]

Axl bit his lip, but his hands tentatively joined Warfly's on his own body. He let the Maverick guide him ("Pinch and pull, like trying to pluck the line out", "That's it, you whore, get that line nice and red, make sure it reports damage before you let go"), and let his mind pull back, feed on the new knowledge instead of the dread of what would happen after.

Hands lifted him up, partially, so his muddied up butt was on display, and, with a snicker, Warfly blew streams on it, chasing the silt off and turning the lines there red as well, while Axl flailed somewhere between pain and pleasure, legs kicking at empty water.

Warfly kept edging him, ignored his receptive pulses, and finally recalled his armor, jetpack and filtering mouthpiece included. He showed off, all sleek and lanky, blue and white, lines already amber from turning Axl red all over, and slid in, pushed Axl down harder into the ocean floor. The move was so smooth Axl thought of a gun docking into its holster, pieces fitting together, and he shuddered and wrapped arms and legs against Warfly, refused to let go as the older Reploid moved sinuously. Red ground against gold, and Axl threw his head back, shaking in pain, though his systems didn't stop screaming that he was ready.

[C'mon, I'm ready, it hurts, I want it, I'm ready, come on, I'm receptive, I want you to hook in, you Maverick!]

There was a second where Warfly stilled, before his mouth latched onto the left main conduit on his throat, bit it brown, and slid into his systems to fragment him, hard. Every inch of his conduit web shrieked out in pleasure and pain, taking out half of his smaller lines and pitching all but the largest from red to rusty brown, as he came and dragged Warfly along for the ride.

When he recovered, Warfly was still inside him, querying his diagnostics, and the unexpected intimacy made his eyes sting again.

[Ready your copy shot, brat. I'll make this easier for you.]

Axl's core felt like it was buckling, threatening to twist into a mess of fragments, but he smoothed his face out, called a Bullet. Warfly's mouth slotted against his, and he jolted. His mouth opened, and then Warfly transfered his energy into him, refilled his internal tanks. He pulled back, and Axl licked his lips, staring wide-eyed at the fish animaloid.

[You… kissed me.]

Warfly pulled back, turned to offer him his back, and crossed his arms.

[Keh! I emptied most of my energy into you, that's it. Don't read anything into it, you Hunter brat. Now do the job you came here to do and end this.]

Axl charged up the Copy Shot, aimed through Warfly's spine into his core, and fired the kill shot. His friend's presence wrenched itself out of his mind, left him sore and empty and hungry, and he devoured the DNA core that his shot extracted.

He forced himself to resurface as the data slotted into his Chameleon Chip, and for the first time, noticed he felt a little less alone when he looked at the array, filling up with his friends' ghosts.

"…Axl, why are you naked?"

…Axl froze in the middle of climbing back on the platform, and stared at Zero, who stared at his bright red main lines, and then looked murderous.

"What the hell happened to you down there, kid?!"

Axl squawked, and immediately reformed his armor.


Then he flinched, both at the stupidity of his answer, and the pain of abused conduits being pressed on. Zero moved in, grabbed his shoulder none-too-gently (it was the same grip Red used to march Axl off when he was in deep crap), and glared at him.

"Your conduit grid is red. You're going right to medical and I'm escorting you there."

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