Marsupium Cockpit

A Megaman X fanfic by Neo Qwerty

Axl was nervous, eyes darting left and right in the faint lights of Red Alert's vehicle hangar. If anybody caught him like that… He fidgetted a bit, all senses on high alert, and tried to push at the giant boxing gloves his feet were pressed against. His gloved hands clenched against the cockpit's edges, and the Rider Armor's "chest" purred against his back in its idle position. He swallowed noisily and glanced down at the joey.

"…Red's gonna kill us if he finds out what we're doing instead of recharging…"

Vanishing Gungaroo snickered, baring teeth in a grinning snarl, lisping as always.

"And who's going to tell Red, huh? I'm not a shnitch and I don't think you want everyone to know what we're doing, right…?"

The sing-song tone made Axl snarl back and roll his eyes, before he shifted again.

"Oh, shut up and just start."

The animaloid snickered again, and stuck his tongue out, licking over Axl's half-bare body with his pointed, agile tongue. Following a line here, rapidly zig-zagging between a set of conduits there… Axl made a small whimper, trying not to fall from his precarious perch over the Ride Armor's cockpit-pouch. He wasn't expecting the waves of heat crawling up and down his body, or how his face felt like it was being set on fire, and his focus naturally shifted from watching their surroundings toward how his body was reacting.

Gungaroo's ears tilted downward at Axl's noise of surrender, and the grin on his snout widened. The satisfaction of getting the better of Axlgetting the better of someone older, of someone who had been in Red Alert longer, of Red's favoritewas sweet in its own way, and it was thrilling to have control none of the "fresh" Red Alert members had over the core group. He moved a paw down onto his stomach, and rapidly rubbed his fingertips over the maze of glowing lines.

"…C'mon, pleaaase, can't you h-hurry…? This is feeling weird and I'm too hot now…!"

Gungaroo rolled his eyes at Axl's whining, but he opened his jaw wider, raking short, blunt front teeth over conduits as he pushed his tongue flat over Axl's meshskin. His paw's rhythm faltered when a moan rose out of the humantype, and he raised his head up and away from Axl's body, bringing his paw away with a few more scratches. Axl looked down in confusion, then made an uncertain noise as bandage-wrapped paws clamped down over his hips and readjusted his position.

Gungaroo lifted himself upward, feet planted on the cockpit's seat and tail propped against the edge of the dashboard, and pulled Axl's lower body to his own. He began thrusting, sliding orange-amber linesets against eachother and over rough meshskin, Axl's inner thighs sliding over Gungaroo's flanks and sides through the motions.

"Yeah, you like that, don'tchu? You… dirty… shlut…! Like it when you're being topped by animals… hnf!"

Axl shuddered, fidgetting as best as he could against Gungaroo's thrusts, and pushed his head against the Ride Armor's surface, closing his eyes shut and letting out a sound that was half a groan and half a giggle. The heat rose through his body, gradually turning his conduit map an orangish red, and he hung there on the edge, teetering. Gungaroo threw out a dominant signal, and Axl's body automatically latched onto it and locked their processes together for the occasion.

That was the push both of them needed. Gungaroo raised on his toes, grinding hard against Axl, and came with a deafening, animalistic scream, and Axl followed barely seconds after, locking his body in position and shouting out a name. The two of them came down from their rush, Gungaroo releasing Axl to sink back into the cockpit, and stared at Axl in wide-eyed amusement. Axl let out a moan and looked down through half-lidded eyes.


"…You shaid "Red" jusht now."

Axl blinked and his face turned a darker red, and he frowned, trying to argue through the afterglow.

"What? No, I didn't!"

"Oh yesh you did! You were all "Reeeeeed" when you came! Is there shomething you'd like to tell ush, Axshel?"

"N-no! Look, it was an accident, okay!? I don't like Red like that!"

Gungaroo laughed loudly, and Axl pressed himself harder against the Ride Armor, bowing his head in mortification.

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