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Megaman Classic fanfics

Ask Away — PG-13 — Blues + Forte — Prequel: Locked In
Wily's hiding something from Forte, and that's very irritating! It doesn't help his mood one bit when Blues decides to drop in to reclaim his shades and pester him with questions.
Instinctual Gratification — NC-17 — Duo x Rock
Duo's empowered by the goodness in the universe, and the righteous, innocent soul of Rockman entrances him. And it's so simple, how he can please the little robot without breaking him, and while staying honest with himself, that…
Locked In — R — Blues x Forte — Sequel: Ask Away
Blues wanted to find some information on Wily's latest creation, but he didn't expect the ridiculously tight security, or to have to fight against Forte. To make matters worst, his escape route was destroyed by said Wilybot.
Mint Candy — G
Regular like clockwork, at this date, on this time frame, Roll expects a visitor. Dr. Light's away along with Rock, and she gets to stay home and do a bit of housework while she waits… And she always learns something interesting about Blues.
Morning Musings — G
Blues wanders throughout the world, and sees things not many others see. That includes amazing, fragile little gems that would enchant anyone and break in a heartbeat.
Power Struggle — PG-13
Sometimes, wanting the same thing leads to more trouble than it's worth. Of course, that's not applicable if someone else tries to snag a prize when the two original victors are fighting over it.
Robotic Malaise — R — Blues x Forte
The Roboenza virus rapidly spreads out of control, and Forte falls ill while he and the two Lightbot heroes are fighting to bring down Wily. While Rock leaves with Treble to look for a cure in Wily's fortress, Blues stays behind to keep an eye on his brother.
Under Cover of Light — NC-17 — Forte x Blues, Blues x Forte
Being one of Dr. Light's creations means that the world gives you the benefit of the doubt even where there's no way there should be… But it means that you can have your little secrets in peace, too.
Wild Passion — NC-17 — Forte x Blues
Strange and exciting and frenetic. Bodies clashing together for the pleasure, the high that the act gave them. Alive in ways machines never should have been, doing things no machine should.
The Wily WarsFIC INDEX — PG13
One single action can change everything, and yet nothing. A prototype becomes mankind's hero out of jealousy and hate, walking his own path as one of his creators uses other robots to take control of Megalopolis. The prototype's tale comes to a mysterious end…

Megaman X fanfics

Against All Odds — PG13
The aftermath of the Jakob Incident has left deep scars on the Hunters, and taken out one of their best. But the bedridden Reploid seems to have the Devil's own luck…
Devoted — R — Optic Sunflower x Lumine
One of Lumine's generals doesn't protest to as many aspects of Lumine's grand plan to free the Reploids from their human masters. Lumine questions his underlying motives… And it ends well.
Erotica — NC-17 — X x Zero, Lumine solo, Lumine + X
Lumine is prideful. Challenging is to test one's strength, and pride will not allow one to give up. And so Lumine writes. The challenge? X topping Zero.
Marsupium Cockpit — NC-17 — Vanishing Gungaroo x Axl
Red Alert can cause a lot of tensions, but most of the guys there have their outlets. Others don't have a choice, and sometimes it's very awkward.
Ocean Bed — NC-17 — Splash Warfly x Axl
Making someone suffer doesn't always have to mean that you want them to hurt in every way possible. Sometimes, you even want the pain to feel good.
Our Perfect World — R — Sigma x Lumine, Lumine + X, Ferham + Zero
Lumine captured X and Axl and brought them alongside him to Giga City, where he used his suggestive powers to draw all New Generation Reploids under his control in his personal utopia. X escaped, and is currently leading the New Gen Maverick Hunters against Lumine. Meanwhile, Zero, hidden in a secret base at the North Pole, is trying to help Ferham resist Lumine's call.
Revenge — PG-13
Axl now knows who destroyed his only family, the ones who cared for him since he was activated, and who to thank for having done nine mercy-kills… And now, he's giving them the revenge they deserve before being put to rest.
SalvoFIC INDEX — R to NC-17 — Axl x guns
A multichaptered story about Axl's adventurous and creative uses of firearms, sometimes even involving others in his quirky habits, willingly or not.
Shifter Virus — G
A new kind of virus has appeared, one that specifically targets New Generation Reploids, and their inherent immunity to viruses given to them by their DNA Transform ability. It works by forcing them into a partial animaloid transformation, and cashes in on the fact all New Gens are unaccustomized to wildly different forms. …But not all of them are unused to it.
Synchronization — NC-17 — Zero x Axl x X
Axl wants X and Zero. After some time testing the idea, they decide to take their menage-a-trois relationship to the next level. Axl does have one thing he's determined to experience for his first time…
The Easy End — PG
What if Lumine had never attacked X, Zero and Axl? What if Sigma had been thought of as being the one who masterminded the whole Uprising? …What if Lumine had been a co-conspirator, but no one knew…?
What the Dark Hides — NC-17 — Axl x Zero
Axl's always been a wild card, and he's betrayed his own family to dispose of them without a trace of sympathy. What makes the Hunters think they're not next on Axl's list? Zero knows it's nothing.

Megaman Zero fanfics

Copy-Stimulation — NC-17 — Omega x Zero — Sequel: Wet Dreams for Reploids
The battle between Zero and Omega is wildly unbalanced, but Omega's underestimation of Zero leads him to make mistakes, and toy with his "copy", in more ways than one.
Play With Fire — NC-17 — Blazin' Flizard x Fafnir
It's in Blazin' Flizard and Fafnir's code to fight, and they swear by their raw power. While they're both fiery Reploids, there's a crucial difference between the two of them; Fafnir loves fire.
Prelude — PG
Years of war have ravaged the Earth, with the latest of them forced into existence by X's extended downtime and Zero's final death. The creation of Copy X, an imperfect clone who turned into a Reploid-oppressing tyrant, sealed the fate of the earth. X, still crippled and weary, was saved by a small resistance of enhanced humans and Reploids, but they need Zero's help if they want to live instead of surviving.
Wet Dreams for Reploids — NC-17 — Original Zero x Zero — Prequel: Copy-Stimulation
Omega's left something inside his copy's systems, and it activates as Zero's being treated for the last of his wounds. How is the copy going to fare against the ghost of his original self?

Megaman ZX fanfics

Megaman Legends fanfics

Megaman Battle Network fanfics

The Protomen fanfics

Fear — R — Protoman + Megaman
Protoman had never felt fear before. And yet now, staring at his brother, he was afraid. Not of Megaman, or for him, but afraid of himself, of suddenly discovering things he couldn't identify stirring deep inside.
Visions And Dreams — NC-17 — Megaman x Protoman
That face haunted his nights. He'd asked Doctor Light before, about him. He learned it was that of his own brother. Then, why wasn't he…?

Megaman In-Crossover fanfics

Little Secrets — NC-17
There's some things no one should know about Blues, and one of them makes him a little… Excited. It never helps that he's just been transfered in his brand new Reploid frame, for more unforeseen consequences.
Shhh... It's a Secret. — NC-17 — Forte x Blues
Ever since Blues has been uploaded into a Reploid frame, he's been developping something for Forte, likewise upgraded. Sometimes, he indulges himself with little fantasies that he locks away, carefully.

Megaman Ex-Crossover fanfics

Megaman Alternate Universe fanfics

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