Wild Passion

A Megaman classic fanfic by Neo Qwerty

Rough and hard and fast.

Their gloved hands slid over eachother's body, pulling, digging in, tugging, ripping. The sounds of armor clasps unlatching and breaking, of a thick jumpsuit being torn open violently, of metallic bodies slamming into eachother filled the area. Shouts and groans rose as the two machines fought and screwed. Black and grey, red and gold, a finned helmet and a long scarf lying discarded somewhere to the east.

Forte was seeing a side of Blues that he hid well. Something dark and dangerous, on the brink of going mad and passionate. His glowing blue eyes were half-lidded, messy brown hair falling into them, but sharper than knives. They pierced him like plasma, charged with the same lust that had overtaken the prototype's mind, igniting his own curiosity and passion. He returned the heated leer, shoving down hard on the brunet's shoulders, baring fangs at him in a near-manic grin, and bucked their hips together, energy lines sliding together, hissing and popping. Flashes of green and purple and blue arcs fizzled in and out as short-circuits appeared, briefly connecting the two machines together physically.

With a loud groan, Forte dove into the wireless connection joining him and Blues together, and pumped sensory feedback into the grey bot. Blues arched under him, red fingers digging gouges in the earth beneath them, and let out a cry, his eyes rolling upward in pleasure. He pushed his heels into the backs of Forte's thighs, urging him to grind their pelvises together again and force another pseudo-circuit. He let Forte hilt in deep inside, their processes nearly tangling together in the confused passion, and screamed out for more, whistly noises of excitement dragging out of Blues.

Forte pushed inside harder, slammed data into Blues's faulty firewalls, breaching him… The grey bot's voice raised a pitch, screaming dissolving into loud, euphoric moans, with an occasional exultant near-shriek, either an affirmation or Forte's name. Blues's mind itself was penetrated, a flurry of stinging imperfections and bugs and glitches that crashed and flooded against Bass' intrusion, caressing and battering him at the very same time. Bass moved faster, spurred on by desperation and need that he wasn't sure was entirely his.

He pulled Blues closer to him, laid down over him, glowing lines on their chests rubbing together and sparking. The smaller body seized up under him, shuddering and then twitching, and dirt-covered hands shot up and tangled into his backswept, striped white and purple hair, yanking him forward into a crushing kiss. Blues's tongue slipped into Bass' mouth, twisting and sliding against the black bot's own tongue, coaxing him into a feverish kiss, a tone so high he swore only other machines would be able to hear it resonating from inside Blues's throat.

As his partner came, Forte found the chaos of Blues's mind spinning ever harder and out of control around him, shoving briefly into the black bot's own mind, giving as good as he got. A stream opened, and Forte's red eyes grew wide before rolling back in his head, leaving him squirming against the shaking grey bot. Blues's every sensation, from the maddening roar of white noise and pleasure to the electric heat that was consuming him, slammed into Forte and he was spiraled into his own climax. Electricity burned up and down his spine, trickling into his brain, and energy coursed even harder through his conduit-lines, searing ecstasy that left him drained and tingling, content and limp.

The fingers in Forte's hair dropped away, and their mouths slid apart, leaving their ragged breathing hanging in the air as they struggled to cool down their overloaded bodies. With monumental effort, Forte was able to roll off the grey machine and land on his back, shivering in bliss in the aftermath of a damn near literal mindfuck.

"Not… bad…"

"Feh… was mindblowing… and you know it…"

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