Under Cover of Light

A Megaman Classic fanfic by Neo Qwerty

There's one thing about being considered a "good guy". You're above any and all suspicion. When you attack one of your half-siblings suddently and leave after destroying something as a warning, they think you're training him to become the greatest hero and helping him through Wily's fortress. When you fight back a dangerous robot when he tries to move inside the robot museum, no one knows you did it simply because it's where you go to rob ancient parts to keep your body functioning. When you've been hit by a nasty shot and have to teleport out, everyone's sure you go off and do your own things, repairing yourself, instead of crawling to your other half-sibling to be spared. They suspect you, but they always give you the benefit of the doubt. All of it because one of your creators is called Thomas Light, and your design was used to create the world's savior, Rockman.

"…I hate that blue bastard, sometimes."

Red eyes lifted from the mess inside Blues' abdomen, and he smirked at the older robot, showing a hint of fang. His hands stilled, one holding the soldering tool and the other, a circuit board in place.

"Thought you were the bastard."

Blue eyes narrowed, and he bared his teeth, muttering at the youngest robot.

"Oh, fuck you."

"Don't tempt me until I've fixed you, old thing."

A shiver raced down Blues' spine at Forte's soft and promising tone, and he relaxed again, letting his personal "Mr. Fix-it" place the circuit board back in its slots, locking it in place. Forte then moved to the melted wires, soldering them together and securing a new plastic coating over the bared ends. Layer by layer, Blues' insides were rebuilt, until finally Forte grabbed the thick skin-tone cover and began sewing an irregularly-cut new piece to mask the metallic "exoskeleton". Another flaw to add to unelegant white sutures, Blues' body looking more like a living rag doll than anything human, but neither of the robots cared. It wasn't as if Blues went anywhere near humans…

Forte tugged the thread of white nomex, ending his patchwork in a triple-knot and tucking the leftover end inside, before he patted the spot of synthetic skin.

"Alright, get your junk online. The nanites should have fixed your suit by now."

Blues nodded wordlessly, trailing a bare mechanical finger over the area Forte repaired, before pulling his hand away and activating his recall, dissapearing into a red-white flash of light for an instant before reappearing, clad in the recognizeable red and grey suit. His shades and helmet were voluntarily left out of armor re-initialization; they were one of the conditions Forte had placed before agreeing to repair the old prototype. The Wilybot smirked as he gestured for Blues to step off the cold metal table and come over, not missing a second shiver racing through Blues' body.

As soon as Blues stepped within reach, Forte grabbed him by an arm and harshly shoved him into the wall. None of that was terribly shocking to Blues, of course; Forte had never been enclined to gentleness. He drew closer to Blues and raked a white hand through fake black hair, slowly tugging the pompadour wig away and unveiling Blues' "real" hair, short, messy and brown like Rock's, whispering.

"Why don't you just replace your hair? It's far less of a hassle if you don't want to look like him."

Forte's soft words, murmured right in his ear, created a wave of heat "inside" of Blues, leaving him to close his eyes halfway. He reached out, lightly stroking along the edge of a fin, and then gasped when fingers dug hard into his side. …This was one of the reason he didn't mind Forte. Forte was the most powerful of them all, the only one who could get through the prototype's outrageous lack of sensitivity and make him feel

"…I'll answer you later…?"

It almost had a pleading tone to it, and Forte chuckled, brushing his body against Blues' and pressing his hands against Blues' side and back.

"Let me think… No. Answer now."

Blues groaned and tossed his head backward, placing a hand on Forte's shoulder and slowing the strokes on his finned helmet.

"Fine… you're going to kill me, you know that?" A small, gasping breath. "I don't want to do that because if I change it permanently, I won't be able to pass for Rockman if we ever need to… Enough for you?—Aaaah…!"

Forte's knee dug between Blues' legs, and he let out a surprised moan, shuddering once more and managing to whisper out Forte's name. Forte moved his hands and knee, slowly but surely pleasing Blues with sensations of slight but steady pressure. After about fifteen minutes, the prototype's eyes were closed, his brows drawn into a slightly-pained frown and his hands clenched against the black 'bot, in an effort to stop their twitches. When Forte's knee ground between Blues' legs once more, he grasped Forte and pulled him tight against his shaking body, several of his internal components clicking and hissing mutedly and at an accelerated speed. He held the other closer, in a vain attempt to immobilize him, managing to rasp out a few words in Forte's ear, through the pleased but frustrated rush.

"Alright, alright… My turn…"

Forte smirked, drawing back after a quick bite on Blues' lower lip, earning himself a slight grumble and a shove on his shoulder. He knew very well that past a certain point, touches only served to tease Blues… Unlike him, the other could derivate a certain amount of pleasurable pressure, but it was never enough; Forte still didn't know if the pleasure was physical or in the blue-eyed robot's head. Blues rolled his eyes at the knowing smirk on Forte's face, before moving forward in turn, waiting until Forte sat down on that already-used cold metal table and leaned back slightly. Forte shot Blues an eager look, red eyes narrowing slightly and his mouth almost forming a smile, when Blues kissed the blue star set into Forte's helmet and his breath turned… Whistly. Forte took in a deep breath and locked his body in its position, closing his eyes.


Blues began whistling a familiar tune, inaudible harmonics caught by Forte's sound-enhancing helmet. These sounds were caught, amplified, and then sent straight to Forte's brain. Each note reached the exact frequencies needed to stimulate Forte, creating string after string of resonance, reaching right inside Forte's mind and triggering off otherwise-inaccessible sensations. With the final, drawn-out note that Blues produced, Forte's eyes snapped open, gritting his teeth together as his face eased into a blissful expression and his body glowed with ethereal green energy, staring at Blues' mouth until he finished the note.

Blues watched with a pleased half-smile as Forte's eyes slowly closed again, his breathing deep and small sparks of Fortenium energy gradually dissipating into thin air. Forte's pleased groan drew a longing sigh out of Blues, before the prototype reached forward and caressed the fin of Forte's helmet one more time.

"…Scarf, if you're satisfied."

Forte cracked an eye open, before he grumbled and unlocked his sated body, bending over and tugging at something under the table, dragging out the old yellow strip of cloth as he dropped down on the floor, quickly tying the scarf around the older robot's neck. Blues looked at him before nodding, stepping back and gathering wig, helmet and shades, and he slipped each of them in order before turning to look back at Forte.

"Thanks. See you later, Forte."

Forte smirked, suddently rushing forth and striking, biting Blues' lower lip again and scratching it with his sharp fangs.

"See you when you need your next fix."

"As if you don't like it as much as I do!"

"I'm not the one crawling back and begging, junkbot!"

Blues scoffed, crossing his arms as he licked at his lips to chase the pain from Forte's "kiss", before he teleported away, dissapearing in a beam of red-white light. Forte was left to cackle at the fleeing Blues, knowing that the prototype was left speechless again.

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