Adventure 5: Megastructures & Megarobots


Blues staggered in the middle of a step, darkness creeping onto his sight and closing in from the edges, and he fell to one knee. He heard Rock gasp and cry out through the hiss of white noise, faintly felt a hand come down on his shoulder, the touch flickering as his body struggled against itself.

"P-Protoman! What's happening?! You're overheating! We… We have to get you to Doctor Light!"

'Fat chance.'

He fought to raise back to his feet, his sight turning into a thin rainbow sliver before turning completely black. His breath turned shallow and labored, and he opened back panels to evacuate the heat, fighting to keep his voice even and unfaltering.

"…No. Go home, Rock. Your sister's probably worried… I still have loose ends to tie up."

Blues initiated a teleport, planning to take a quick pause to rest in a safe spot, and disappeared from Rock's sight in a bright-red energy stream. When he landed, his legs shook as a flare of white-hot pain raced through his body, and he dimly registered that his already low energy levels suddenly began free-falling. A strange cold spreading from his core throughout his body while he shuddered. For a single, eerie instant, Blues floated through nothingness, vaguely aware of the dead weight of his body collapsing to the ground, before he finally stopped.


Intro: recovery, and setup for MM3's "mining worlds" and e-crystals with Light's distress call

Shadowman stage

Hardman stage

Needleman stage

Magnetman stage

Topman stage

Snakeman stage

Geminiman stage

Sparkman stage

Doc Robot Sparkman stage: Metal & Quick

Doc Robot Gemini stage: Flash & Bubble

Doc Robot Needleman stage: Air & Crash

Doc Robot Shadowman stage: Wood & Heat

Skull Fortress stages

Wily Tower Hyper Storm H. stage

Wily Tower Buster Rod G. stage

Wily Tower Mega Water S. stage

Wily Tower Fortress stages

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