Adventure 2: Right And Wrong

Blues had been moving through Megalopolis, not quite paying as much attention to his surroundings as he usually would have, wearing casual clothes, his scarf and shades. He'd already been wandering for an hour, restless and unable to tell why, but he had a feeling something was wrong. He picked up the pace, moving a bit more quickly on the walkway… And collided with a girl.

He reeled back, stumbling to regain his balance, and opened his mouth to apologize, only to fall silent as the young girl's appearance registered in his mind. She was small, the same size as he was, with blue eyes that glowed a little too brightly and obvious seams on her exposed arms and legs. Her synthetic hair was gathered in a ponytail with a green ribbon, her bangs neat and even, and her feet were integrated metallic shoes.

He found himself speaking first, recognizing the robot maid from old plans he'd seen Light toy with, a few weeks before he'd left.


She gasped and reached out toward him, her fingers curling into the grey sweater he was wearing, as if confirming that he was real, a flash of recognition lighting her eyes up further.

"You're… I saw you, in Doctor Light's project book…!"

He'd been ready to deny it and tug his arm away, when an overhead TV screen broke out into static and then came back into focus, carrying laughter that was very, very familiar. Blues snapped his head upward, groaning inwardly as Wily's laughter faded and he began talking, an insane glint in his narrowed eyes.

Cutman stage

Fireman stage

Bombman stage

Oilman stage

Elecman stage

Gutsman stage

Iceman stage

Timeman stage

Wily Fortress stages

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