Adventure 1: Artificial Life

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Slowly, the prototype came to life, eyes opening on a bright, intimidating world. It scanned its surroundings, noticing the two older human males looking at it, and instantly recognizing them as its creators. The prototype bowed its head slightly, greeting them with a voice that sounded strange to its own ears, young and innocent.

"Hello, Doctor Wily. Hello, Doctor Light."

Thomas Light leaned toward it, with a fatherly, encouraging smile, and put a large hand on its shoulder.

"Hello, Blues. I'm glad to finally meet you. How are you?"

"…My specified name is Protoman. To avoid future confusion, I suggest that you only call me by pre-registered designations. I am working at optimal capacities, thank you for your concern, Doctor Light."

Doctor Wily chuckled, obviously amused, while Doctor Light seemed to have been thrown off-balance by the reply, and took his turn "greeting" his creation.

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