The Wily Wars - Fic Index

One single action can change everything, and yet nothing. A prototype becomes mankind's hero out of jealousy and hate, walking his own path as one of his creators uses other robots to take control of Megalopolis. The prototype's tale comes to a mysterious end…

Adventure 1: Artificial Life
The prototype for a new generation of robot assistants was created to obey and serve mankind. The two greatest minds of the time joined forces to develop the most advanced robot yet to exist, each with their own reasons and purposes… And then he did the impossible; he took his own decisions.
Adventure 2: Right And Wrong
Adventure 5: Megastructures & Megarobots
Another war, another set of robots, another trickery. Light is working with Wily to create a gigantic peacekeeping robot, Rock has gone missing… And a new fighting robot is causing mayhem throughout Megalopolis, using a battle style strikingly similar to Blues' own.
Adventure 13: Even The Light Can Be Naive
Adventure 16: Robotic Pandemic
A strange new virus, tailored to and targetting bioroids has surfaced. Dr. Wily, apparently attacked by his own infected robots, seeks out Light's help in creating a cure. Everything seems to point toward another of Wily's schemes, but a deeper look into the situation reveals unusual twists.
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