Robotic Malaise

A Megaman Classic fanfic by Neo Qwerty

Forte stumbled in mid-run, falling flat on the ground as a sudden heat flared up inside him, and he grunted. The sound of his own impact rang through his head, rattling and unpleasant, and only helped to make him aware of a powerful, throbbing ache that settled deep above his eyes. Gospel turned back around, slowly padding back to his fallen master, and growled softly, nudging one of Forte's helmet fins.

"…Damn. I must've caught Roboenza from one of Wily's junkbots… Go-Gospel, back."

His assistant bot bared his teeth, but took a few steps back, sitting down. Forte made a sound of approval — no need for both of them to fall to something so stupid! He closed his eyes against the slowly-spreading ache overtaking his body, and cringed when he heard the high-pitched sound of someone warping in nearby, the flash visible even behind his closed eyelids. Gospel growled and let out a rough warning bark as footsteps neared closer.

"Talk about a time to go down, hm? At least, we've taken out the last defenses, and all that's left is handling Wily."

Forte cracked an eye open to glare at the nuisance that was Blues—or at least, at one of the prototype's red boots. He ground out a reply, his anger fuelled by pain and the artificial weakness the Roboenza was causing.

"Fuck off, Proto."

"Now, that's no way to treat someone who wants you to get better."

A second warp-in blinded Forte, and he bit back a cry of pain as his headache worsened thanks to the blue-white energy flare. Rockman let out an alarmed cry, and Forte clenched one of his fists, thumping it weakly on the ground. At this rate, he was going to be the laughingstock of Wilybots, and the last he needed was Rockman's pity adding to this!

"Forte! What—"

Blues turned his head sideways, holding an arm out as if to block his little brother from approaching, and preempted Rock's concerned rush toward Forte's side. He kept his cool, talking low and evenly, his voice strangely soothing to Forte's overtuned senses. The black robot made a grimace at that thought, shoving it away and focusing on the situation at hand.

"We'll start off by finding a way to cure Forte. Rock, put Rush in search mode and take Gospel with you. I want you three searching every inch of the lab section of this fortress for it."

He transfered the coordinates of the section he wanted Rock to comb through with the assistant bots, then continued seamlessly by explaining why he was sending out Gospel and not leaving himself.

"No offense, Rock, but I don't trust Rush to find the cure quickly enough on his own. Gospel has more of a reason to be quick about it than you or Rush, and someone needs to stay behind to make sure Forte doesn't get worse. Preferably, someone who can actually rig something up and keep him in the land of the conscious. Now get to it."

Blues crouched down near Forte, and everyone's attention shifted to him.

"…the fuck're y'all still doing here? Stop gawking, start searching. Gospel, go along."

It was obvious from Forte's tone that he thought Rock was stupid and couldn't do it without someone with a brain around. Rock quickly nodded in "understanding", oblivious to the hidden insult, and patted his leg, chirping out a command to Gospel.

"C'mon, Gospel, let's go find that cure for your master!"

The lion-wolf looked to the heavens with another growl, before quickly leaping at Rock's side, following Rock's teleport stream. With the two gone, Blues crouched down and gently placed a hand on Forte's shoulderpad. Forte glared blindly toward him, baring his teeth, and weakly shrugged his shoulder, wincing as pain raced through it.

"Get away, moron."

"You're in pain right now. Just relax, and let me help."

The murderous stare and snarl would have killed a lesser robot on the spot, but Blues simply smirked and slowly coaxed Forte to sit up against the wall, leaning against it and the smaller robot at his side. Blues reached out with a hand, and started rubbing Forte's right thigh. He ignored when Forte's hand grabbed his elbow and squeezed shakily, making a small sound of disapproval.

"The more you tense, the more it's going to hurt. C'mon, I'm doing this to help you out."

"Tch, if you're looking for praise and thanks, you're barking up the wrong tree."

Blues shifted against Forte's side, and his other hand joined the first, lightly stroking and squeezing, working to override the false pain signals the virus was generating with more pleasant sensation.

"If I was looking for that, I'd have looked for the cure myself and made you beg for it. All I want is for you to relax."

Forte quieted down with a grunt, clenching his jaw and glaring daggers at Blues out of the corner of his eyes. The prototype shrugged it off, leaning in to rub the Wilybot's other leg next, taking the opportunity to examine Forte better and mentally compare the two of them. He began by disregarding the obvious differences; anyone could tell that Blues looked like a little boy while Forte seemed to be more of a young adolescent, or that Forte was far more advanced than Blues at emulating human appearances.

Blues wondered for a moment, eyes drifting up Forte's torso and masked by his impenetrable visor, if, under his armor, Forte was wearing body plates and rounded joints. It seemed very unlikely, given the shape of Forte's waist and of the sleek curves he could glimpse under Forte's shoulderpads. At least the main sensors were still placed the same as with the Lightbot designs. Perhaps Wily had removed some of the pain transmitters, though, given how much of Forte was exposed to impacts.

Forte reluctantly began relaxing, barely groaning when the prototype's fingers raised to rub at his abdomen and sides as they chased the viral sensations away. His body was slowly giving in to the shroud of unfamiliar pleasure rising inside, although his headache and tiredness were both still there and acted as a major damper. He watched through half-opened eyes as the grey robot continued the massage, lips pressed together thinly in focus, reaching for each of his upper arms in turn. Red fingers slipped under his shoulder armor, pushing over his shoulder plates, and sent odd tingles down his spine, collecting deep in Forte's body.

Rock, Rush and Gospel reappeared in a tricolor stream just as Blues' hands reached Forte's neck, sliding and pressing in such a way that Forte let out a slightly louder groan and tipped his head backward against the wall slightly.

"Blues! We found it! We got the cure!"

Blues simply continued his massage, returning his hands to Forte's waist as he answered smoothly.

"Well? Just give it to him."

"O-oh! Here, Forte!"

Forte's eyes snapped open again, and he raised a hand. Rock tossed the pill into his awaiting palm, and he curled his fingers around it, absorbing it with a small flash of energy. Immediately, the cure raced through his systems, fortifying his own weary defenses and shredding the viral effects to pieces. The full effect of Blues' massage was hot on its tail, and he shuddered heavily, clenching his eyes shut and shouting as energy laced through his body and dissipated into the air in green and yellow sparks.

He slumped down against the wall again, every element, every wire and piece he was made of buzzing with a pleasant energy surge. He heard more than felt Blues pat his chest plate twice, and opened his eyes when he felt something soft brush against his striped cheek lightly, focusing on Blues' mysterious smirk. He narrowed his eyes and quickly lashed out, pushing him away with a good open palm to the chest, and then stood up with a feral grin.

"Alright, now I'm better, and I'm going to kick Wily's ass for trying to take me out."

Rock smiled at him, and raised his fist in the air in victory.

"We're all going to show him what we're made of!"

Blues got back to his feet, still smirking and just radiating satisfaction, and ran toward the door separating them from the next section of the fortress.

"Not if you don't stop celebrating."

"Oh no, you don't, you junkyard reject!"

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