Power Struggle

Megaman Classic fanfic by Neo Qwerty

The fight ended as the revived Elecman fell to his knees, dissolving into several energy spheres and a Master Weapon core. Two sets of eyes settled on the Weapon Core; those behind dark shades narrowed, and the red ones, across the battlefield, widened. Both fighters wanted the Thunder Beam. They both knew how ridiculously powerful it was, nearing almost-lethal levels. But neither would back down or ask to have it.

Blues moved first, shield immediately dropped in favor of dashing, and his hand extended. His red fingers brushed over the Core… And Forte striked. A fast air-dash brought the black Wilybot over to the Core, and Forte twisted his body into a backflip. His foot connected with Blues' jaw, flinging the prototype away, and he paused, laughing at the old robot's apparent weakness.

Blues tumbled backward in a ball of red, grey and fluttering yellow, before he glared at Forte, angrily tugging at his damaged jaw to set it back into place. Forte simply cackled and picked up the core, sure that Blues would give in and let the most powerful of the two take the weapon. But had he known that Blues was as stubborn as he was mysterious, he wouldn't have let his guard down long enough for a large shield to slam into the side of his helmet. Forte staggered to the side, Weapon Core bouncing to the ground, and he fell over, ears ringing as Blues tackled him.

The two of them rolled over the ground for a while, narrowly missing tumbling off the battle platform as they thrashed. The struggle had no rules, and both of the fighters knew it. White hands yanked on an old scarf to choke Blues, red hands gripped the long helmet fins and used it as leverage to repeatedly slam Forte's head into the ground, Forte tearing the visor off and violently pummelling Blues' face, and Blues slamming his knee in Forte's midsection whenever there was an opening. The feud continued on, harsh breaths and the distinctly metallic noises coming from the tangled bodies, interrupted here or there by a grunt, a choking noise, a yell or a brief gloating laughter.

But despite the noise and the fact the two were fighting all-out, they still noticed it when Rockman teleported on the stage, stared, and… Headed for the weapon core, a dissapointed look on his face. Rage-filled red met angry blue, the two nodded to each other, and dove as one for Rockman, suddently teaming up to protect their prize.

"…Forte, Blues, what are you—AAAAAAAH!"

And that day, Rock found out that his older brother had more in common with Forte than either would admit. And that the two bolting right for him with feral snarls and heated glares were really, really scary.

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