Morning Musings

A Megaman Classic fanfic by Neo Qwerty

There isn't a single place in the world where I can feel more at home than right here… Outside. I've been walking around the world ever since I can remember. The first years are something I can gloss over and only state that they formed me more than my own programming ever has. but after that… I've seen countless sunrises, nightfalls, full moons and the such. I've seen the moon pale blue, I've seen it golden, and even stained crimson. I've seen the heat hazes of Africa, the blue waters of Australia, the snowy, perfectly blue-white expenses of Russia, the cold fog of lakes in Canada.

There's nothing this old mind of mine is lacking. …Or so I thought. And yet, here I am this morning, walking down a deserted dust road in the middle of a forest, indulging my solitary side, and awed and gleeful like a young child. I'm carefully recording everything as I walk, trying to capture that moment of magic, that single instant where the ruined world we're in vanishes and something whimsical, fae-like happens. It happens on the middle of nowhere… And maybe it's why I feel almost like I'm betraying a secret as I record it.

The sunlight filters in through the tall biomechanical trees, tracing warm, visible rays across the road. The entire place is tinted an etheral hue, like a golden veil pulled over my eyes. There's dandelion seeds swirling through the air, but the way the strange light hits them transforms them into little dancing motes of amber light to my optic sensors. There's a strange aura of peace and serenity in the air, strong enough to move any heart, but fragile enough to be crushed with a single word, so I stay quiet and solemn.

I'm not sure how much time passes before finally one of my footfalls is too heavy, crunching the gravel under my boots and the magic shatters into a thousand fragments. It takes a full minute before I gather my bearing again, slide these old, impenetrable glasses of mine back on my face, and continue on. I don't know it at this time, but I'll never delete that recording. This is going to become my deepest secret, a cherished memory, even centuries later as the world warps beyond recognition.

A single moment of reprieve in the chaos of life… Sometimes, I wonder how many others were given anything so precious.

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