Wet Dreams for Reploids

A Megaman Zero fanfic by Neo Qwerty
Prequel: Copy-Stimulation

Zero growled angrily as the repair bed that doubled as a recharger closed around him, locking him into air-tight darkness. The other Reploids could sustain themselves on e-crystals, but he was older than that—even his copy body was too old to rely on the crystalized energy. He knew, he'd tried eating one before and had spent the week all opened up getting his conduits and tanks — the subs, the main and the auxilliary — purged of crystal clusters.

He felt Ciel's repair nanobots enter from the tubes and cabled that snapped and locked into place on his back, and rush off to re-build the finer aspects of his arm. Cerveau, Doigt and Rocinolle's skills had their limits, and he trusted Ciel more than anyone else around his body. Even if it was a cheap copy of the original, it was still HIS body.

He slowly drifted off toward sleep, his last thoughts turning toward X, who had left the world, sucked dry of his power after shielding everyone at the resistance base from Mother Elf's terrible power… And he weakly murmured that it wasn't fair he still lost X to it before he went into stand-by, quickly forgetting that last sentence in favor of rest.

His eyes snapped open, revealing an odd, blurry landscape that dissolved into static from time to time. Was… Was he in Cyberspace? He sat up, noticing with some distress that his ceratanium armor, helmet and exoskeleton were missing, leaving him completely vulnerable, with only the thin, white diving suit-like skin covering his body. He stood up and took a few tentative steps in the… well, the glitched version of Cyberspace, for lack of better words, and his boots gave a ringing metal-on-metal sound. There was a small, amused chuckle that came from behind him, and then more footsteps that weren't his own.

He whirled around, hair trailing behind him and some getting caught unpleasantly in the joints of his neck and shoulders. His blue eyes scanned the form before he narrowed his eyes and his hands balled into fists. He knew that body; it was his body… Omega's body. Devoid of most of the armor, with the white joints clashing against his black "skin" and gleaming circuits and machinery exposed on his chest, arms and lower legs, but it was the original body.


The other shook his head, rolling his eyes, before stepping even closer, white hands closing around his forearms gently and pulling him much, much closer, lips brushing against his earport.

"No. I'm… A fragment of the original, in a way."

Zero brought his head back away, staring warily at the other, before his eyes went wide while the other kissed him, tongue slipping past Zero's lips and squeezing between teeth; Zero was too surprised to fight him off. He couldn't do anything other than go with the flow, and it felt rather nice anyway. Plus, what was the harm in a kiss? He mentally nodded to himself and kissed the other back, relying on his body "remembering" how to kiss instead of trying to figure out how to do it; he already did that for fighting and he hadn't died as of yet, so it must be a good method.

Zero faintly felt his hands being released and his waist being caught in an iron grip instead, before they broke the kiss and he was coaxed to his knees along with the other. Zero's freed hands moved gently over the other's back, brushing over skin, cables, wires and exposed metal carefully. The other blond's hands settled on his shoulders before Zero was pushed down on the ground, legs folded under his body, hips at an angle, and the other grinned when Zero tried pulling himself back up.

"Relax, I know what I'm doing. Just go along for the ride."

"Why should I trust y—ngh!"

Zero's eyes clenched shut and his mouth dropped open; the other had suddently pressed their hips and palms together, and had sent a rather intense pulse in through the three connection areas. It was hot, fire compared to Omega's electricity, causing his legs to tense up and his hands to clench around the other's, and he gave out a low moan, a blush painting itself on his cheeks. When he echoed the pulse, he was rather deceived to find that it was "only" electricity that coursed back along the conduits he was now SURE had been meant for sex.

The deception was short-lived, however, when the other threw his head back and gave an odd, throaty sound of pleasure before smirking down at him, flushed as well, and sending back another fiery pulse, burning Zero from the inside out and not missing a single hidden nerve. Zero cried out in pleasure and denial when the short-circuits were triggered, filling his brain with signals full of gibberish. He faintly felt himself reflecting the heated pulse with a surge of energy quite feeble compared to the burning tide, and he heard the other roar. Zero barely managed to crack his eyes open, a blood-red aura licking at the original body, glowing blue eyes the only color that hadn't been washed out by the aura of full power. His eyes widened before one last pulse slammed into him and made him feel like he was melting from the inside-out, tearing a scream from his throat when even more short-circuits were created, reducing his sight to static seconds before he shut down.

His breathing was ragged when he rebooted, blue eyes staring at the inside of the recharge bed, before he looked down and saw that his hands had slapped themselves together. …A dream. it had all been a dream? As if to answer him, a dim, gentle fire rolled over his body, snaking through conduits and tickling nerves. He brought his hands apart and settled back down, calming himself. He was still sleepy… And he wanted another dream like that, with the other Zero and his burning pulses.

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