A Megaman Zero fanfic by Neo Qwerty
Sequel: Wet Dreams for Reploids

The dark Cyber-Elf floated above Omega's kneeling, battered body, and set herself to work. Glowing particles fell down, sinking into Omega and healing him as Zero watched on, horror-struck. The hero surged forward, only to slam into a barrier and be brutally shoved back, his saber flying from his hands and leaving him weaponless, crouching down on the floor.

"No! Dark Elf, stop!"

The glowing red eyes opened again as the original stood back up, letting a small smirk form on his lips. Zero charged him again, readying to strike with his bare fist, only to have it caught with ease. A purple light was filtering from in-between their joined hands, and a slight jolt of electricity pulsed through him, causing each of Zero's individual hairs to stand on end, suddently simulated. Then there was a white-hot pain moving up his arm as energy crawled up a circuit he never even knew he had; it forced everything to expand until the shell-like skin and armored glove both ruptured and his arm just exploded.

He screamed, throwing his head back, and felt tears run down his cheeks while he fell to his knees in front of his original, clutching his mangled elbow, squeezing it as if it could stop the pain. Then the other spoke, with that voice he was speaking with in his fuzzy memories from the past, and he squinted up at the other, blue eyes glaring daggers through his tears. Omega's face was set in a mask of cold indiference, and his voice a rather casual drawl.

"Having some problems, copy?"

Zero gave out a low growl when Omega knelt down in front of him, and then he felt a small electrical discharge as the Dark Elf created a shield around the two of them. The other's carmine eyes were piercing, cold, and ruthless, and Zero had trouble looking at the original's eyes. The other spoke, and he instead focused on watching these lips move, unable to look at Omega's glowing eyes any longer.

"I'm his legacy of destruction, his dark gift to the world… And you're a junkyard reject. …Hm, but I have to say that you're not half-bad of a copy for having been slapped together from scraps. Not bad at all…"

Omega trailed off, eyes closing partially, and brought his face closer to Zero's own, red glow dimmed. Zero bared his teeth in distaste; he didn't like how Omega talked about him, and he didn't like the tone either. Then, before he could react, the original had yanked his remaining hand away from the stump and forced their palms together again. Zero closed his eyes and clenched his teeth, bracing himself for the agony, only to feel a gentle pulse in supposedly-useless circuits race up his arm and diffuse into his body, causing some sort of reaction.

His body unconsciously answered it, letting another pulse of equal intensity travel back down his arm and to Omega's body. A third pulse came back, moving up his arm, but this time it sent tingling sensations, and so did his answering pulse. The next ones seemed to get more intense, and they were able to override the pain Zero was feeling, burying it under odd sensations he had never felt before. Another pulse, another stimulation of hidden nerves, another burst of pleasure that registered into his brain, and he felt his breathing quicken up and his face burn. Consequent waves turned more powerful, created more of the feelings and caused him to tilt his head back some. It was amazing, and he couldn't help but accept it, reflecting the pulses back faster to get stronger ones from Omega quicker.

He felt a warm breath brush over the exposed part of his cheek before lips brushed against it in a shaky kiss, and then the final pulse seemed to trigger a sort of short-circuit, causing Zero's body to arch against the other blond as non-existant connections were stimulated. His sight dissolved into static, his ears turned deaf, and he couldn't feel anything other than an internal electric storm washing through him, crying out in bliss. But soon there was something intrusive that wormed its way in and Zero's systems tried rejecting the data that Omega was attempting to send into him.

There was something going on, ice and fire and thunder ramming into the shield, and then Zero faintly felt something brush past and shove Omega away. The connection was severed and Zero's senses returned to him, but not before he felt something shove right in in desperation and dissipate in his systems in a fraction of a second. The first thing blue eyes saw was Harpuia being flung away by a burst of purple energy from Dark Elf. Zero heard the other activate his dashing system and stop himself in midair, and then the familiar Z-Saber's hilt landing next to his intact arm. Harpuia's voice finished breaking off the pleasured daze he was in.

"Finish him off, Zero, NOW!"

He grabbed the handle and activated it with a flick of his thumb, getting back up with ease even while missing an arm, and he dashed toward the prone, half-dazed Omega. Blue eyes met red, and then the green beam blade sliced through the air. Omega's head was cleaved in two neatly, exposing the inner circuitry and the lacing sparks that surged about as blood, coolant, liquid energy and oil flowed from the fatal wound. Zero spoke, more to himself than to any of the others on the battlefield.

"Looks like what I'm made of doesn't matter as much as you thought it would, Omega."

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