A Megaman Zero fanfic by Neo Qwerty

Harsh breathing filled the air, comming from the enhanced human running at his side. The Neo Arcadian forces were right on their tails, plasma shots and bullets whizzing through the air to whistle as they narrowly missed their marks or ricocheted off of the Reploid's metallic shell. He whirled around for a second, firing off his own wild shots from the heavily modified buster coming out of his forearm and felling two of their pursuers. It wasn't long before he was back to running madly, side-to-side with the blonde holding their precious parcel close to her chest.

"How… How far…?"

He checked the plans in his mind, also breathing furiously, and wiped a stray lock of brown hair out of his flushed face before looking at the ground carefully with sharp green eyes.

"This hatch, over there!"

He grabbed the young woman around the waist with his weapon arm, and slid the other under her knees, holding her as he jumped blindly down the hole in the forest. The fall was, thankfully, short enough that he could cushion their leap before causing damage to the Resistance sub-commander. His boots hit the ground with a loud, metallic ring, and then there was a whoosh of air and flames as he activated his dashing engines to get them deeper in the underground tunnel. The spot they had been at seconds earlier was now peppered by gunfire, and the woman squeezed her blue eyes shut, waiting for the blue Reploid to carry her out of the danger zone.

The sound of gunshots of various kinds slowly faded away as the brunet outran and outdashed his copies, going deeper, until finally they dropped to another level, and the leader set the blonde down. She straightened herself, breathing fast, and brushed her hair out of her sweat-soaked face, carefully craddling the strange box against her body. Her voice was low, almost a murmur, as she looked toward the faint source of light streaming from a tall door's cracks.

"X… Is this… Is this it?"

The Reploid walked toward the door, dirty, murky green waters sloshing as it lapped at his ankles. His voice was raw with emotions, and sadness was dominant.

"Yes. This is where they sealed Zero's body."

He turned back around, casting a look at the precious and unique thing Ciel was holding safely, and smiled a little, his battle-hardened face softening just a little.

"And hopefully, with this, he'll be able to wake up and help us."

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