Yes, that's traced. Yes, that's in photoshop. Yes, that's really big. Yes, that's a lousy-looking ripoff of Lumine for a fan character. But I DID actually draw him after I had a good idea of what he'd look like, and it IS intentional he looks so much like a splice of Lumine with some of Zero's elements. Basically, he's Zero and Lumine's digital offspring.


Okay, technically, he's a clone image of Lumine that managed to copy and integrate Zero's data after bonding with him and evolving from that and further contact of that kind. He went through about three months of roleplayed-out gradual changes, until he came up to Zero and showed a body modelled on his image data and Zero's own appearance.


Of course, that's not his normal appearance. Normally, in the simulation, he's a human-shaped bunch of sentient, color-changing, shape-shifting, taste-changing and texture-altering (by default) purple grape jelly, with a brain-sized white ball from which his prehensile tentacle-hair-ponytails sprout out. Out of the simulation so far, he's just a disembodied program floating around inside Zero's head and keeping quiet until he ever gets his own body.

He's an empath, so he's very tuned to what people all-around feels, and has a near-obsession with cheering up people if they're sad. He's very cheerful, although not quite that clever or mature due to his age, but at least he's eager to help out. A little quirk; he hates it and is physically ill when someone hurts others, but if his friends or his "daddy" gets hurt, he sees nothing wrong with taking his revenge by often somewhat painful means. Enimul's also proved several times that he thinks he's immune to his own definition of "bad things", usually by forcing a situation that he feels would be beneficial.

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