Creatures: A Look Into Genetics

Let's take a look together into the genetics of my Norns! I'm going to do some Creatures runs, and each Norn (and other races!) I hatch will be analyzed and compared to their parents, tallying up their mutations as in the usual process of a Case Study, even though they're pretty normal Norns, usually.

If there isn't a link on their name, it's because they have no mutations at all from the hatchery genes. Most Grendels are that way, as they don't have any mutations introduced in by default when laid by the Grendel Mother.

Creatures 1

My playstyle isn't too far from feral runs, though I do get hands-on more often, injecting glycogen and other science kit compounds when I feel it's needed to extend a creature's life, and adding food back into the world when they really need it as well.

Run 1, Part 1

This run is as close to "vanilla" as it gets, and a semi-feral style. I used the official Breakable Honey Jars, the Grendel Friendly COB, and the Updated Hatchery Genomes.
Kain the Grendel
The first permanent resident of my world, born while I set up the computer's terms to something not too confusing for me. I got him to the computer and taught him all the words, though he decided that his name was not Kain, but "KaKa" after several minutes. I'll compare him to both the original and updated Grendel genomes, and the Norn genomes to see what's different with him. He was quick to encourage Norns to "run" but spent over ten minutes with Banana, and they even tried to kisspop a few times without success.
Banana the Banana Norn
The second resident of the world, picked first via coin toss. She quickly got herself confused and scared by the presence of other Norns, and the inconsistencies of carrots not always working and lemons hurting her. She did, however, have multiple kids, two of which she outlived! She thinks "run food" is good, weeds are tasty, and Norns are for hitting, making her a rather confused Norn overall and teaching it quickly to the others.
Joe the Norn
Coffee the Norn
Beebee the Norn
Ker the Norn
Cook-Cook the Norn
Word the Norn
Dis the Norn
Phobos the Norn
Named after his obvious fear of just about everything, he spent most of his childhood and adulthood yelling about "run norn", "run food", and "run toy". Then he spent most of his time near the beehives and the cable car, riding it back and forth and having fun with that.
Eiei the Norn
Calvin the Norn
Morphea the Norn
Much more interested in hootch, sleeping in running showers, and getting more hootch than on exploring any of Albia, but she did manage to get out of there and eventually go back into the world to wander about.
Bannorn the Norn

Run 1, Part 2

It adds on more COBs to the first part of the run. I introduced a lot of updates for the food items! Carrots, Lemons, the official Beehive Upgrade then the unofficial V2 Hive upgrade, Ugly Tomatoes, Black Hole Patch, and the Random Grendel Gender. I also installed the Christmas '97 Pack, although I didn't end up using any of the COBs from it, and the Complete C1 Grendel Sprites to complement the random Grendel Mother.
Emmis the Norn
Haye the Norn
Lilith the Grendel
Abel the Grendel
Melody the Norn
Wyld the Norn
The shortest-lived norn of the group, he hatched in the wild and was left unsupervised with his family to see their progress as a whole. He got sick and died of hunger and sickness very fast.
Kyu the Norn
The very last of the group, who survived and died with the oldest record so far with 12 hours and 39 minutes. He spent most of his time hanging around with Lilith and Abel, and even got to meet Aranora and talk with her for a while before finally passing of old age.
Aranora the Grendel
The only inhabitant left of the first run, she'll be back as the first creature of the second run. She was only taught "look" and the words for most objects by me, and any other words she picked up are from Kyu.
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