CD Database: Evil characters

Dr. Wily

He has created many robots to challenge and defeat Megaman. He joined forces with Light a few times.

"Gha ha ha ha ha! I'm a genius!"

Good Point: Genius scientist
Bad Point: Incorrigible, never gives up
Like: World domination
Dislike: Accepting defeat, admitting he lost

SWN-001 Bass

A robot that Dr. Wily has created to be like Megaman. His final goal is to beat Megaman.

"Get lost, loser!"

Aliases: Forte
Weapon: Bass Buster
Weakness: None
Good Point: Emulous, hates to lose
Bad Point: Vain as a peacock, show-off
Like: Being the ultimate destroyer
Dislike: Weak robots, robots stronger than him


A wolf-type robot created to support Bass. It can transform into an adaptor and connect with Bass.


Aliases: Gospel
Good Point: Brute instinct, detects intruders
Bad Point: Habit of biting
Like: Girls
Dislike: Rush, Tango, leashes, cigarettes

RKN-001 Enker

First model of the Megaman Killer robots. WIth the Mirror Buster, he can reflect enemy attacks.

"Be true to yourself!"

Weapon: Mirror Buster
Weakness: Mega Buster
Good Point: Soulful
Bad Point: Gloomy-natured, mellow, cold-hearted
Like: Nabeyaki-Udon, japanese New Year
Dislike: Foreign robots, Americans

RKN-002 Punk

Second model of the Megaman Killer robots. He prefers fighting fair and square, believing in his own strength.

"So be it, you scum!"

Weapon: Screw Crusher
Weakness: Mega Buster, Salt Water
Good Point: Policy followers, independant
Bad Point: Punky appearances, easily misunderstands
Like: Accessories
Dislike: PTA

RKN-003 Ballade

As he believes that he is the strongest robot, he can't help fighting robots who look strong.

"You are merely the number two!"

Weapon: Ballade Cracker
Weakness: None
Good Point: Challenging spirit
Bad Point: Stupid, simple-minded
Like: Being number one
Dislike: Disappointing boring foes

???-??? Quint

Dr. Wily has captured Megaman when he came from the future, and has remodeled him. His weapon is the Sakugarne.

"It is your destiny!"

Weapon: Sakugarne
Weakness: Hard Knuckle, Photon Missile
Good Point: Fortune-telling
Bad Point: Time-zone fatigue, punctual to a fault
Like: Excavation, trap holes
Dislike: Himself, time paradoxes

MWN-01 Busterrod G

The leader of the Genesis Unit. A master of martial arts and a rowdy fellow. His butt is blue.

"That was fun!"

Weapon: Buster Rod
Weakness: Hyper Bomb, Atomic Fire, Gemini Laser, Bubble Lead
Good Point: Climbing a tree
Bad Point: Bubble brain weights in at 30 grams
Like: Banana
Dislike: Monkey business, Rush, Gospel

MWN-02 Megawater S

An amphibian robot in the Genesis Unit. He is kind of green, but is in charge of the brainwork.

"I'll beat your pants off!"

Weapon: Water Buster
Weakness: Ice Slasher, Hyper Bomb
Good Point: Immigrant
Bad Point: Funny accent
Like: Sashimi, farting
Dislike: Spoiled child, raw unprepared fish

MWN-03 Hyperstorm H

A boar-type robot in the Genesis Unit. He is in charge of muscular labor.

"Leave everything to me."

Weapon: Storm Breath
Weakness: Crash Bomber, Hyper Bomb, Spark Shock
Good Point: Yes-man
Point: Easily conned
Like: To be flattered
Dislike: Being called porky or a pig

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