DRN-000 Protoman

A prototype robot that Dr. Light created. He appears out of nowhere to help Megaman.

"Let me tell you something…"

Aliases: Blues, Breakman
Weapon: Proto Buster, Proto Shield
Weakness: Mega Buster
Good Point: Good whistler
Bad Point: Keeping contact
Like: Solitary travel
Dislike: Interviews


A fighting robot who was built to keep peace in the universe. He came to earth chasing an evil energy.

"I'm keeper of peace and justice."

Weapon: Giga Fist
Weakness: None
Good Point: Justice
Bad Point: Busy due to his duties
Like: Universal peace
Dislike: Villains

???-??? King

A robot who stood up to fight against humans in order to establish a human-free nation. He stole Wily's retreat.

"Long live the Robot Kingdom!!"

Weapon: King Halberd, King Shield
Weakness: Big Bang Strike
Good Point: Good speaker, charismatic
Bad Point: Suspicious, doesn't trust humans
Like: Chess
Dislike: Humans

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