CD Database: Megaman V characters

SRN-001 Terra

As his body is made from the extraterrestrial materials, general weapons don't hurt him.

"I'm just a simple man."

Weapon: Spark Chaser
Weakness: Deep Digger
Good Point: Hard-nose, terriby strong
Bad Point: Nervousness, obsessed about being clean and nice-looking
Like: Shampoo
Dislike: Hat, Helmet

SRN-002 Mercury

With the weapon called Grab Buster, he can absorb his enemy's vitality.

"Everything belongs to me!"

Weapon: Grab Buster
Weakness: Black Hole
Good Point: Quick at running
Bad Point: Big mouth
Like: Communism
Dislike: Backtalking, backstabbing

SRN-003 Venus

A very aggressive robot. His weapon, called Bubble Bomb, wraps the enemy to immobilize them. He makes a lifestyle out of attacking others.

"What are you bubbling over?"

Weapon: Bubble Bomb
Weakness: Photon Missile
Good Point: Neat habits, likes being clean
Bad Point: Can't walk straight
Like: Bubble bath, dancing with bubbles
Dislike: Octopi

SRN-004 Mars

A battle robot who is equipped with weapons all over his body. He can't stop dropping land mines all over, and it worries him greatly.

"Which weapon to you choose?"

Weapon: Photon Missile
Weakness: Salt Water
Good Point: Big-hearted, generous
Bad Point: Can't go on airplanes
Like: Survival games
Dislike: Surrendering, going easy on enemies

SRN-005 Jupiter

He can fly in the air with a jet engine. His Electric Shock can electrocute enemies.

"Clear my way, you propeller scum!"

Weapon: Electric Shock
Weakness: Bubble Bomb
Good Point: Speed mania
Bad Point: Flighty behavior, loses personal effects often
Like: Acrobatic flight
Dislike: Air turbulence

SRN-006 Saturn

With the weapon called Black Hole, he can draw in objects toward himself. He manipulates time and space.

"Does it ring a bell on you?"

Weapon: Black Hole
Weakness: Electric Shock
Good Point: Fickle-minded, loves new things
Bad Point: Low allowance
Like: Hula hoop
Dislike: Video game

SRN-007 Uranus

With the weapon called Deep Digger, he can lift blocks and throw them at enemies.

"Take this, loser!"

Weapon: Deep Digger
Weakness: Break Dash
Good Point: Bull-headed, likes phys. ed.
Bad Point: Beastie, barges in a lot
Like: Runs too fast, flipping over tables
Dislike: Bullfighters, red flags

SRN-008 Pluto

A battle robot designed for jungle combat. Slash Man is designed after him.

"Can you outrun my dashing speed!?"

Weapon: Break Dash
Weakness: Grab Buster
Good Point: Good reflexes, expresses his feelings
Bad Point: Can't stand the cold
Like: Manicures, nail art
Dislike: Nail damage, pedicures

SRN-009 Neptune

His weapon can corrode any metal. He is trying to cut down his salt intake, and is horrified at how much salt attaches to him.

"Better rust out than wear out."

Weapon: Salt Water
Weakness: Spark Chaser
Good Point: Good swimmer
Bad Point: Has Athlete's foot, legs like a pondskater's
Like: Bathing in the sea, the ocean
Dislike: Fishing


An ancient robot excavated from the mysterious ruins. He has started a war to rule the universe.

"Here comes the superstar!"

Aliases: Sungod
Weapon: ???
Weakness: None
Good Point: High spirited, cheerful
Bad Point: Fretful and grouchy on waking
Like: Brushing teeth
Dislike: Keeping late hours, nocturnal activities

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