CD Database: Megaman 8 characters

DWN-057 Tenguman

Used to be an experiment robot for generating typhoons. He is designed after a Japanese goblin, and very proud of his fairly long nose.

"I'll knock you off your perch!"

Weapon: Tornado Hold, Tengu Blade
Weakness: Ice Wave, Spread Drill
Good Point: Independent spirit, good airborne directional capacities
Bad Point: Snob, overdone acting
Like: Fly fishing
Dislike: Fellowship

DWN-058 Astroman

By controlling dimensions, he can control the universe manually. He is the world champion of hide-and-seek.

"Don't get technical!"

Weapon: Astro Crush, Copy Vision
Weakness: Homing Sniper, Magic Card
Good Point: Humility
Bad Point: Bashful
Like: Wishing upon stars
Dislike: Cheap humor, old people's jokes

DWN-059 Swordman

Since the Flame Sword is equipped to his arm, it's hard to maintain the balance of his body. His body was separated to circumvent that issue.

"There's no second chance!"

Weapon: Flame Sword
Weakness: Water Balloon
Good Point: Incisive
Bad Point: Outdated, ignorant of latest fashions
Like: Lai-giri (a slashing technique that cleaves an enemy in two in a single strike)
Dislike: Faulty swords

DWN-060 Clownman

He can shoot electric bolts from the long arms. He is very good with a flying trapeze.

"Some clowns short of a circus."

Weapon: Thunder Claw
Weakness: Tornado Hold
Good Point: Good sportsman
Bad Point: Extreme emotions, very picky, opiniated
Like: Giant swing
Dislike: Everything

DWN-061 Searchman

A robot created originally for security and surveillance. The two heads constantly watch eachother for betrayal.

"Target, get set!"

Weapon: Homing Sniper
Weakness: Flame Sword
Good Point: A broad outlook, wide field of sight
Bad Point: Cowardice
Like: Booby traps, sneak attacks
Dislike: Social interactions, negotiation

DWN-062 Frostman

A robot created from the leftover parts of Clown Man. Its body is large, and the oil doesn't run very well.

"Frost Man! Destroy! You!"

Weapon: Ice Wave
Weakness: Flash Bomb
Good Point: Everything on him is large
Bad Point: Stoutness, very heavy
Like: Sorbet, ice sugar
Dislike: Frostbite

DWN-063 Grenademan

A destruction robot. He loves not only bombing things, but also getting caught in the blast.

"Gha ha ha! Time for the Party!"

Weapon: Flash Bomb
Weakness: Thunder Claw
Good Point: Good bomber, practical benefits, has a hobby
Bad Point: Blind fool, indiscriminate
Like: Stimulants
Dislike: Rational robots

DWN-064 Aquaman

Having stored the water in his body, he controls it for attack. He is recently suffering from a pot belly.

"Who opened their lunch?"

Weapon: Water Balloon
Weakness: Astro Crush
Good Point: Facetious robot
Bad Point: Porky
Like: Toilet humor, cheap jokes
Dislike: Serious moments, serious drama

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