CD Database: Megaman 7 characters

DWN-049 Freezeman

A prototype robot for pollution-free energy. He is always trying to invent a cool appearance pose.

"This is what cool means!"

Weapon: Freeze Cracker
Weakness: Junk Shield
Good Point: Perfectionist
Bad Point: Gaudy, tedious
Like: Mystery novels, explaining a reason in detail
Dislike: Pollution

DWN-050 Junkman

A robot originally created to gather parts that can be recycled from garbage. He always collects weird things from the dump instead.

"What a waste."

Weapon: Junk Shield
Weakness: Thunder Bolt
Good Point: Economist, thrifty
Bad Point: Too much passion, too self-devoted
Like: Junk food, junk
Dislike: Raw garbage

DWN-051 Burstman

An enthusiastic festival-goer. He loves watching fireworks and shooting bombs as fireworks. He was based on the typical Edo City dweller.

"This is my passion."

Weapon: Danger Wrap
Weakness: Scorch Wheel, Freeze Cracker
Good Point: Optimistic, likes to manage banquets
Bad Point: Happy-go-lucky, coward
Like: Nightlong binge, hot baths
Dislike: Steady and honest efforts

DWN-052 Cloudman

He can levitate by the gravity controller installed in his body, and has a water device that generates his cloud.

"I am on cloud nine!"

Weapon: Thunder Bolt
Weakness: Danger Wrap
Good Point: Couch potato, knows how to deduct future weather
Bad Point: Can't wear shoes or sandals
Like: Rainy season, jewelry, navels
Dislike: Lightning rods

DWN-053 Springman

His body consists of as many as 2,000 springs. He boasts an extremely high bounce ability.

"That's the way the ball bounces."

Weapon: Wild Coil
Weakness: Slash Claw
Good Point: Spontaneous, always at ease
Bad Point: Elusive
Like: High-jumps, running jumps
Dislike: Low ceilings

DWN-054 Slashman

He is in charge of the Dinosaur Army corp. His mobility is too high for his comrades to catch up with.

"Claw me, and I'll claw thee."

Weapon: Slash Claw
Weakness: Freeze Cracker, Junk Shield
Good Point: Lean and wild, fast with his hands
Bad Point: Sticky-fingered, very very wild
Like: Vegetables, fruits
Dislike: Nail-clippers

DWN-055 Shademan

Used to be an attraction robot for a haunted house. He is currently practicing a new song for karaoke.

"You are history!"

Weapon: Noise Crush
Weakness: Wild Coil
Good Point: Dandy
Bad Point: Lazy employee, won't let go of the microphone
Like: Tomato juice
Dislike: Garlic

DWN-056 Turboman

A battle robot, modified from an automobile. He has a cutting edge car stereo system installed. All he wants is an air bag.

"Don't get carried away, baby!"

Weapon: Scorch Wheel
Weakness: Noise Crush
Good Point: Quick on his feet, fast to change forms
Bad Point: Low mileage, small salary
Like: Straight stretch
Dislike: Burstman, punctured tires, bumpy roads

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