CD Database: Megaman 6 characters

NOTE: Refered to as DXN numbers 041 to 048 in Rockman mangas, as in Doctor X Numbers as per the Mr. X persona

DWN-041 Blizzardman

A robot to monitor the weather. He can also make it snow. He was on TV as the weather show host.

"It's going to snow tomorrow."

Weapon: Blizzard Attack
Weakness: Flame Blast, Centaur Flash
Good Point: Good commentator, explains well
Bad Point: Shady, short-tempered
Like: Ski
Dislike: Snowboard

DWN-042 Centaurman

His Centaur Flash can bend the dimensions but a large amount of energy has to be consumed.

"Drop dead into the dimensions!!"

Weapon: Centaur Flash
Weakness: Knight Crush
Good Point: Decisive, can give up
Bad Point: Dwells on things, regretful
Like: Gambling
Dislike: Whips

DWN-043 Flameman

A small fuel generator is installed in his body. He has to refill his energy three times a day, always at the same times.

"Oops, time to refill the oil."

Weapon: Flame Blast
Weakness: Wind Storm
Good Point: Punctual by necessity
Bad Point: Demanding, bossy
Like: Trims his beard, moustache-care
Dislike: Cheap oil

DWN-044 Knightman

Designed after a knight of medieval time. He has defeated more than a thousand robots in duels.

"Would you care to step outside?!"

Weapon: Knight Crush
Weakness: Yamato Spear
Good Point: Chivalrous, follows the knights' code of honor
Bad Point: Single-track mind, never accomodating
Like: Honor, giving credit where it is due
Dislike: Dirty tricks, underhanded strategies

DWN-045 Plantman

A robot created as a keeper of a botanical garden, he was very popular. He can communicate with flowering plants.

"This flower is so beautiful!"

Weapon: Plant Barrier
Weakness: Blizzard Attack
Good Point: Sensibility, delicate, nice, slender
Bad Point: Depressed easily
Like: Sunbathing, sunlight
Dislike: Honey bees

DWN-046 Tomahawkman

A robot modelled after a native american warrior. He can throw a tomahawk and extinguish a candle a hundred feet away.

"Tomahawkman does not lie."

Weapon: Silver Tomahawk
Weakness: Plant Barrier
Good Point: Brave, courageous
Bad Point: Exclusive enemy
Like: Horse riding
Dislike: Lies

DWN-047 Windman

With propellers and jet engine, he can generate wind velocity at 200 meters. He has a strong rivalry with Airman.

"I know Kung Fu."

Weapon: Wind Storm
Weakness: Centaur Flash, Plant Barrier
Good Point: Good cook
Bad Point: Bad with bicycles
Like: Kung Fu
Dislike: Herb medicines, kampo acting

DWN-048 Yamatoman

Designed after a Japanese warrior. He has great respect for Knightman. He sharpens his Yamato Spear daily.

"Nippon Banzai!"

Weapon: Yamato Spear
Weakness: Silver Tomahawk
Good Point: Full of virility, japanese trickster
Bad Point: Shy, greedy, money-hungry
Like: Japanese swords and sabres
Dislike: English

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