CD Database: Megaman 5 characters

DWN-033 Gravityman

He can control gravity with the unit installed in his body, but doesn't carry a strong weapon.

"Yet the earth does move."

Weapon: Gravity Hold
Weakness: Star Crash
Good Point: Devoted researcher, eager to study
Bad Point: Antisocial
Like: Physics
Dislike: Atmospheres

DWN-034 Waveman

He is not good at close-range combat. He is equipped with a strong trident, and the Water Wave that forms water pillars.

"Stay away from me!!"

Weapon: Water Wave
Weakness: Charge Kick
Good Point: Sentimentalist, sensitive to tearjerkers
Bad Point: Loves solitude
Like: Diving, taking long walk on the seafloor
Dislike: Sludge, collidal sediments

DWN-035 Stoneman

His Power Stone can let stones circle around him as a shield and a weapon. Guts Man is his friend.

"Guts Man, let's go see a movie."

Weapon: Power Stone
Weakness: Napalm Bomb
Good Point: Technology, has hard stones
Bad Point: Rocky persistence, stubborn
Like: Good movies, oil drinks, walking
Dislike: Scrooges

DWN-036 Gyroman

In the interest of cost, the original flying device that was planned has been replaced by the propeller. It doesn't bother him.

"That is not a problem."

Weapon: Gyro Attack
Weakness: Gravity Hold
Good Point: Prideful
Bad Point: Disdainful
Like: Greek sandwich, bamboo dragonflies
Dislike: Jet engines

DWN-037 Starman

A robot created for space exploitation. His goal is to go to the end of the universe with his lover.

"Can you see the star over there?"

Weapon: Star Crash
Weakness: Water Wave
Good Point: Dreamer, very romantic
Bad Point: Escapologist, convinced predictions will happen, worries a lot
Like: Opera
Dislike: Realists, robots without long-term goals

DWN-038 Chargeman

An all terrain armored transport robot. He uses coal and water to produce electricity to keep his cost low, but too much water can be bad for him.

"Be mindful of your future, son."

Weapon: Charge Kick
Weakness: Power Stone
Good Point: Straight forward, lives intensely
Bad Point: Bellicose attitude
Like: Past reflections, old tales
Dislike: Trendy fashions, things written in katakana

DWN-039 Napalmman

A wide variety of weapons are equipped all over his body to help him protect the weapon factory. He made a museum of weapon history, but no one is interested.

"Feel the power of my weapon!"

Weapon: Napalm Bomb
Weakness: Crystal Eye
Good Point: Loyalty
Bad Point: Weapon maniac
Like: Negotiations, weapons, weaponry
Dislike: Metal detectors, safety devices

DWN-040 Crystalman

He has the power to produce artificial crystals. Dr. Wily created him to earn money.

"I'll show you your future."

Weapon: Crystal Eye
Weakness: Gyro Attack
Good Point: Magic aura, mysterious
Bad Point: Fishy attitude, curious, suspicious
Like: Fortune telling
Dislike: Scientists

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