CD Database: Megaman 4 characters

DCN-025 Brightman

His Flash Stopper emits a hundred thousand watt of power in order to stun enemies.

"Something comes to me in a flash"

Weapon: Flash Stopper
Weakness: Rain Flush
Good Point: Long on ideas
Bad Point: Talks too much
Like: Inventing stuff
Dislike: Unmoral districts, neon lights at night

DCN-026 Toadman

He is an agriculture robot. With his Rain Flush, he can make acid
rain occur.

"After rain comes, destruction!"

Weapon: Rain Flush
Weakness: Drill Bomb, Rain Flush
Good Point: Good at natural science
Bad Point: Tone deaf
Like: Long jumps, triple jumps
Dislike: Snakeman

DCN-027 Drillman

A digger robot for a construction site. He has been given an award for finding a hot spring.

"Oops, I damaged the gas pipe…"

Weapon: Drill Bomb
Weakness: Dive Missile
Good Point: Industrious
Bad Point: Haphazard, never follows plans
Like: A rush job, construction work
Dislike: Calculations

DCN-028 Pharaohman

An investigator robot for pyramids. He has thousands of henchmen robotic mummies.

"I'm the king of the world!"

Weapon: Pharaoh Shot
Weakness: Flash Stopper
Good Point: Charismatic leader, potential to be a hero
Bad Point: Too nice to women
Like: Treasure
Dislike: Tomb raiders, disturbing graveyards

DCN-029 Ringman

A robot created to terminate Megaman. His weapon is shaped like a ring.

"Expect no mercy, Megaman!"

Weapon: Ring Boomerang
Weakness: Pharaoh Shot
Good Point: Good strategist, war potential
Bad Point: Too self-confident
Like: Ring toss
Dislike: Children

DCN-030 Dustman

A cleaner robot. He hates to have his mouth clogged by the garbage he collects.

"Don't let me suck more than I can."

Weapon: Dust Crusher
Weakness: Ring Boomerang
Good Point: Big appetite
Bad Point: Bad breath
Like: Spring-cleaning
Dislike: Mice, pollen

DCN-031 Diveman

A robot that has the ability of a submarine. His Dive Missile is an amphibian homing missile that works with hydraulic energy.

"Yuck. I feel seasick. Bleah."

Weapon: Dive Missile
Weakness: Skull Barrier, Dust Crusher
Good Point: Keen ear
Bad Point: Motion sickness
Like: Coral reel, lagoons
Dislike: Pirate Man

DCN-032 Skullman

A well-balanced combat robot. He is only good for fighting, having been taught nothing else.

"Now! Let's get ready to rumble!"

Weapon: Skull Barrier
Weakness: Dust Crusher
Good Point: Bone idle
Bad Point: Bad and vulgar taste
Like: Horror movie
Dislike: Beefcake

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