CD Database: Megaman 2 characters

DWN-009 Metalman


The first robot that Dr. Wily created and was designed after Cut Man. His weak spot is that he is vulnerable to the MegaBuster.

"Catch! Hee Hee Hee…"

Weapon: Metal Blade
Weakness: Quick Boomerang, Metal Blade
Good Point: Quick at work
Bad Point: Shady business, cuts too well
Like: Frisbee
Dislike: Dogs

DWN-010 Airman


With the huge propeller installed his his body, it can create powerful gusts of wind similar to storms and hurricanes.

"What wind blows you here?"

Weapon: Air Shooter
Weakness: Leaf Shield
Good Point: Putting on airs, has personality and character
Bad Point: Windy talk, blows winds of change
Like: Surfing, flipping card games
Dislike: Autumn (when leaves fall)

DWN-011 Bubbleman


The first humanoid robot in the universe created for underwater battles.

"The sea will swallow you!!"

Weapon: Bubble Lead
Weakness: Metal Blade
Good Point: Bubbly personality, big heart, open-minded
Bad Point: Lavish heavy spender
Like: Hot spring
Dislike: Oil slick, grease

DWN-012 Quickman


Designed after Elec Man, one of the fastest robots Dr. Wily ever created.

"Can you keep up with me!?"

Weapon: Quick Boomerang
Weakness: Time Stopper, Atomic Fire
Good Point: Quick decisions, early to bed, early to rise
Bad Point: Impulsive, doesn't rest
Like: Car racing
Dislike: Snails, turtles

DWN-013 Crashman


A drill-type bomb called the Crash Bomber is his weapon. His body is protected with a thick armor.

"I am the Destroyer!"

Aliases: Clashman
Weapon: Crash Bomber
Weakness: Air Shooter
Good Point: Forthright, clean and neat
Bad Point: Awkwardness, clumsy-handed
Like: Demolishing buildings
Dislike: Recycling

DWN-014 Flashman


He can stop time for a short period. He sometimes makes bad use of his power for fun, when taking a bath for example.

"Stop in the name of love!"

Weapon: Time Stopper
Weakness: Metal Blade, Crash Bomber
Good Point: Caring boss
Bad Point: Miseryguts, complains about anything
Like: Camera
Dislike: Commercial for wig

DWN-015 Heatman


A robot created from Fire Man. Its compression blaster fires flames of up to 12,000 degrees.

"Wait a minute… I'll get ignited."

Weapon: Atomic Fire
Weakness: Bubble Lead
Good Point: Living, mild-paced
Bad Point: Burned out, never eager
Like: Barbeque
Dislike: Ice cream

DWN-016 Woodman


A robot fully made of wood. Even thought his body is coated with metal, he has no immunity to fire.

"Enjoy the marvels of nature!"

Weapon: Leaf Shield
Weakness: Atomic Fire
Good Point: Naturalist, nice
Bad Point: Touchy disposition, grows too many trees
Like: Mountaineering, hiking
Dislike: Harm to nature

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