CD Database: Megaman & Powered Up characters

DRN-003 Cutman


A robot who was originally created for tree trimming work. The cutter on his head is extremely sharp.


Weapon: Rolling Cutter
Weakness: Super Arm
Good Point: Sharp and cunning, cuts heads well
Bad Point: Stubborn, never listens
Like: Haircuts, cutting out things
Dislike: Rocks, rock-paper-scissors

DRN-004 Gutsman


A civil engineer robot. He is so powerful that he can lift and carry a rock of two tons.

"Maximum Power!"

Weapon: Super Arm
Weakness: Hyper Bomb, Time Slow
Good Point: Sentimental, emotional
Bad Point: One-track mind, has temper tantrums
Like: Karaoke
Dislike: Arguments, logical reasoning

DRN-005 Iceman


A robot created for work in a cold district. Its Ice Slasher can freeze any object to below 200 degrees.

"Can you see me, everyone?"

Weapon: Ice Slasher
Weakness: Thunder Beam, Hyper Bomb
Good Point: A show-off
Bad Point: Self centered, whines a lot
Like: Snowball fights, ice sculptures
Dislike: Sauna bath

DRN-006 Bombman


A robot created to destroy base rock. His Hyper Bomb is so powerful that it can break any rock.

"Three Two One… Kaboom!"

Weapon: Hyper Bomb
Weakness: Fire Storm, Rolling Cutter
Good Point: Daring attitude, makes his explosions showy and outstanding
Bad Point: High spender, neglectful of his possessions
Like: Bowling
Dislike: Matches, lighters

DRN-007 Fireman


A robot created for work in an incinerator. His main weapon is called Fire Storm and reaches 8,000 degrees.

"I'll fire you!!"

Weapon: Fire Storm
Weakness: Ice Slasher
Good Point: Hot-blooded, compassionate
Bad Point: Hot-tempered
Like: Summer camp, camping
Dislike: Rainy day

DRN-008 Elecman


A robot originally created to control the power voltage in an electric power plant with his Thunder Beam.

"Feel the power of my Thunder Beam!"

Weapon: Thunder Beam
Weakness: Rolling Cutter, Oil Slider
Good Point: Responsibility, eagerness to complete missions
Bad Point: Twisted, fools around a lot
Like: Playing electric guitar
Dislike: Rubber products

DRN-00A Timeman



Weapon: Time Slow
Weakness: Thunder Beam
Good Point: Punctual
Bad Point: Obsessed with schedules, irritable
Like: ???
Dislike: ???

DRN-00B Oilman



Weapon: Oil Slider
Weakness: Fire Storm
Good Point: ???
Bad Point: Flirty
Like: Oil, oil slicks
Dislike: Fire

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